Stitchin' 'n Pitchin'

Stitch N' Pitch is a winner, as far as I'm concerned. Monday night, I got to see a great game (the Cardinals beat the Padres 10-5, with a record-tying 10 straight hits in the 5th inning, including two hits by the pitcher!), and I got a great "goodie bag," full of neat stuff like yarn, needles, and patterns. Actually, I got two bags full, as Mom couldn't use the ticket I got for I got her goodie bag and brought it home. Plus, I got to knit in a rather unusual place without too many heads turning.Actually, no one paid any attention at all to me, since most of the folks around me were either knitting or crocheting. The photo (above) shows the SNP vendor area, set up in one of the open-air pavilions at Busch Stadium (below, left). I chose to work on my (second) sock that is mostly cotton...and lightweight compared to the wool blend of the Harry Potter scarf (another portable project currently on my needles). I noticed one woman sitting behind me who was working with a lofty blue yarn, probably for a baby blanket...I got sweaty hands just looking at her working with that thick, fluffy stuff! Of course, my sweaty hands were really attributable to the 96 degree temperature at game time. It was HOT, HOT, HOT...which, incidentally was the song-of-evening selected by the crowd.

You know, I've been knitting since I was 9...I've knitted at home (watching a lot of movies and sporting events on TV), in the park, in classes at school, on planes, in cars, in Dr.'s offices and hospital waiting rooms...and now, I can add "major league ballpark" to my list. Cool!


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