Whoa! Snow!!

Well, we sure hit the snow jackpot this time!  According to the official count, High Point received 7 inches of snow, starting on Friday night...and continuing throughout Saturday.  We measured 5.5 inches on Saturday morning here in our backyard, so we may have received a bit more than the official amount when it was all said and done.  Regardless...we got enough to cover essential body parts on the Houndz.  Here's a shot of Mr. T (left), refilling the bird feeders mid-afternoon Saturday.  He's got his Michelin-Man coat on, along with his new Tractor Supply Wellies (boots).  Since the temps were in the low twenties, he certainly didn't linger outside. 

Once inside, he kicked back in his new recliner (Santa was a little slow in getting it here, but it finally arrived just after New Year's Day...:).  He was thinking of a little nap...and so were the Houndz.  Before he knew it, he had Elmo on his chest, Gus in his lap, and Ella Rae on the foot-rest.  (Duchess huffed off into the bedroom when she was unable to join the crew.  The chair does have its limits, don't you know.)  Aren't they cute (right)?

And, yes, Careful Reader.  You are right to take note that both Elmo and Ella Rae are here in HPNC with us.  I spent the last couple of weeks in KY (more on that in a later post), and they rode back home with me late last week.  We are happy to have all the Houndz around us.

Update on Elmo's eyes...

He continues to have problems with glaucoma.  He requires three kinds of eye drops, three times a day, so he's coming to live with us permanently.  We've gotten a referral to a local (well, in Greensboro) Vet. Opthalmologist (yeah, even pets need specialists...:) from the fabulous Dr. he saw in Louisville.  Since we were able to get his eye pressures back within the normal range, she approved the trip...and she helped us find someone who will continue his care here.  Thank goodness.

And, since Missy M's travel schedule has been more hectic than usual, Ella Rae came along for the ride.  ER will eventually return to KY, but I hope not too soon.  We love having her here with us.

And, last night, when all went dark...and cold...we appreciated having as many nice, warm dogs as possible.  Yep, we made it through the worst of the snow-fall without losing power, only to have it conk out in the late evening on Sunday.  Since the roads here are still extremely treacherous (note:  I do miss how well Missouri cleaned up after a snow or ice storm...NC could take a few lessons on this...:), we surmise that there was a bad wreck that took out a transformer somewhere nearby.  Who would know, since we haven't gotten a paper in three days!  Fortunately, we already had the gas-log fireplace going, so that meant we had a heat-source in the family room...along with a sofa-bed.  We located those fabulous emergency lights that Missy M had given us for Christmas (we'd used some like them at her house during that awful ice storm last year), piled the blankets on N/M/E (who'd already gone to bed), and made up our bed in front of the fire.  Then, Mr. T and I...and all FOUR of the dogs...piled on.  We had a thermometer that let us keep up with the indoor temps, which never dropped below 64 degrees, thank goodness.  Just after mid-night, all the lights...and TV's...came back on, along with a blast of heat from the furnace. 

And they say we going to get more ice and snow this week.  Joy...


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