Spring has Sprung? Let's Hope So!

Look at these beautiful Bassets! That's Elmo on the left, Duchess on the right. They are out on the deck on their pillows, enjoying the sun and mild temperatures today. The snow has all but vanished (except in the piles on the streets, where the snow plough ran), and lots of spring flowers are pushing through the ground. How they survived all that cold weather, I'll never know! I've heard that the forecast for this weekend isn't the greatest (rain and wind on the way), but surely we won't slip back into Winter again...surely?

I'm starting to get the hang of Blog publishing, particularly on my http://ChoicesCoach.blogspot.com. I pick a topic for each day, select my resources and supporting materials, and create the content to publish. I've used the links, and I'm adding a few features that I can upload. I've learned all about using AdSense from Google, and have added a number of elements as suggested. As I get more comfortable with the process, I'm sure I'll learn more and grow the site.

I've also made my goal of one hour (or more!) on my novel each day. While I can't always make that happen first thing, I can usually work it out in the late afternoon (like today). Most of my work has been on research and character development. Silly me, I thought that you just sat down and wrote until the novel was finished...voila! Who knew that you first have to dig a deep hole to plant the tree that will grow into your story?

Thomas told me he liked all the photos I've been including on this site, so I wanted to add another bird picture. This one is of three male cardinals at the copper feeder in the back yard. Can't see all three? Trust me, there's another one in the thicket! Actually I counted at least 6 male cards at one time, flitting around the thicket and the feeders. A month from now, they won't be that close to one another without having a fight for the females! Ah, Spring...:)


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