March Madness!

"Where has this month gone???" I find myself asking that question more and more often. I had thought I'd get more done this week than I did, but the week zigged when I had planned to zag!

First, Thomas had to return to the hospital for another GI test to determine why he's anemic. This time he had to swallow a camera! Yep, that's right...a camera. It's called PillCam, and it's just fascinating...or as John Denver would have said..."far out!" We don't have the results yet, as his doctor is out of town until Monday. Fingers crossed...toes, too!

On a more pleasant note, the rest of my week was centered around a visit from one of Mom's friends, Rose Liming. She and her daughter, Carol, motored over in Carol's new Murano (neat car!) from the Cincinnati area for a couple of days. Rose and Mom have known each other for many years, dating back to the days when Daddy worked his "second job" at Clopay in Covington. Carol is a skilled and enthusiastic cross-stitcher, and she had already Googled the shop in St. Charles (Stitches, Etc.), so we headed to Main Street for a wonderful day on Thursday. We also "hit" the quilt shop, Patches, where we oohed and ahhed over the amount and variety of fabrics as well as buttons. This photo is in front of the fireplace at Canoe restaurant, where we enjoyed a nice lunch before heading back to the shoppes. I, of course, had to show them the new yarn shop (Knit 'n Caboodle), where I'm already on a first-name basis with the shop owner, Connie! A good time was had by all!!

Thomas surprised us by heading home from Wisconsin last night...he had said he'd be gone until Friday (today). So he's in his office, toiling away. Hopefully, he'll surface to help us cheer on the Tigers in about an hour (11:30 a.m., Central DS Time).

Yep, the University of Memphis made it into the field of 65 teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament for 2007! We've got our brackets set, so now it's up to them to go all the the Final Four in Atlanta!! Go Tigers Go!!! (Click for the Fight Song!)


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