The Tax Man Cometh...

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising. Oh yes, it's that time of the year! No, I speak not of Spring...I speak of (dum-da-dum-dum) tax filing season.

As the "designated filer" for our family, I prepare to prepare the returns...starting in January when I typically purchase the software as soon as it hits the shelves at Sam's Club. Because I have a sole proprietorship, I buy the TurboTax Home & Business version, to have access to the forms I need. Then, I start collecting the documention I'll need to file the three returns (ours, Mom's, and Maredith's)...gathering the necessary forms, etc.,...and waiting until the time is right to tackle this annual chore. Well, the sun, moon, and stars were in alignment yesterday, I guess, because I started the ball rolling...working on Mom's return (finished it in the's really a simple thing), followed by Maredith's (a bit more complicated, as she was a student for part of the year, then a full-time employee...and she was a resident of Tennessee for part of the year, then a resident of Kentucky...and she had moving expenses to report...and educational expenses...and she bought a get the picture). Still, I managed to finish hers by bedtime, thanks to our cellphone connection to help clear up some questions I had. Now...that just leaves our return...a bear because of the business expenses, etc., I'm taking a break to blog!

While checking my portofolio (I'm down to under $1 million in value today...bummer), I came across the trailer for the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow...looks to be a rollicking addition to the previous two movies. I attached the link (below the posts), so you can see it, too! Arrgghhh!!

Well, I did my part last night to help Devon Smith make her Great American Dream a reality! I had received an email from Dr. Larry Little at Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, giving us a 'head's up' on this new ABC show. Thomas and I watched it last night, and then I used every phone in the house (two landlines, two cell phones, plus my internet connection) to cast my alloted 25 "votes" (you're allowed 5 votes per phone number or email address) for Devon after she made it to the two finalists on the show. By the way, I do hope she makes it, as her dream is to create a Senior Basset Hound Retreat! Go Devon!! (But, I wouldn't recommend the show...hosted by Donny Osmond, no it is just silly. The guy that "competed" against Devon initially wanted to open "Chicken Heaven," a theme park devoted to chickens...and the guy she's a finalist against wants to have a full head of hair! It was almost too much to watch.)

OK...back to the taxes! (Uggghh!)


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