The First Iris Blooms

Remember...just a couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning the cold weather that had robbed us of our Spring? Well, apparently irises love a little cold snap because all of them are popping their blooms...and these are supposed to bloom in late May - June! We've been concerned about what the cold weather did to our daylillies, which are still showing signs of the frostbite they suffered on their leaves. And, the Japanese Maple in the front yard lost all of its new, tender leaves and turned's struggling to "come back." So sad looking. Not the noble iris! This photo shows the first to bloom in the backyard, with some light violet ones open on the side yard, and a couple of yellow ones about to pop in the front yard. Hooray! It makes my heart sing to see 'em!

I'm taking it easy today, following a rough couple of days with my back. Yesterday was my first day to try a new muscle relaxer, which...per usual with these kinds of meds...put me "under" with just the least recommended dosage. I actually fell asleep in my chair after supper...holding my knitting in my lap! I could NOT keep my eyes open, no matter how hard I tried! The good news...I didn't have a single muscle spasm in the night last night...well, at least I don't remember having one!

Speaking of my knitting...I've started knitting a long shawl with some beautiful hand-dyed yarn I got about a month ago at my favorite yarn shop in St. Charles, Knit and Caboodle. The yarn is called "Pretty Mix" Tannhauser, which is a mix of silk,mohair, wool, and nylon (25% of each), in teals, greens, and purples (my favorite colors, of course!). I've been searching for just the right pattern, and I think a simple lace pattern I found on the Michael's website will show off the colors of the yarn very well. The pattern is a 4-row repeat, worked on 55 stitches, using size US 15 needles (like knitting with broomsticks!): Knit Rows 1 and 3; Row 2 is K1, *yfrwd, K2tog, repeating from the * to the end of the row; Row 4 is *K2tog, yfrwd, repeating from the * to the last stitch, K1. Repeat these 4 rows for desired length (I'm aiming for 48 inches at the very least, plus a fringe). If I can stay awake, I'll work on it some more tonight!

Speaking of Knit and Caboodle, I went in there on Tuesday to "visit" some gorgeous teal cotton that finally talked me into taking the lot home...since I had found a pattern that I thought would do it justice (I'd ordered the pattern from Just One More Row). While in the shop, I decided to sign up for the Sock Class that starts on Monday for the next 3 weeks. Although I need another project like I need another hole in my head (!), I thought it might be fun...and a way to get to know other local knitters. Connie, the owner, is such a nice person, and I'm sure she will be able to teach me all about joining-in-the-round...something I've just made up without knowing how to do it "right." I picked out some self-striping sock yarn...colors of blue, teal, and off-while...and got the tiny size 2 double-pointed needles. (I've worked on double-points before, making Christmas stockings, so I'm OK with that...but size 2???) Should be fun!


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