Turn the Other Heel

Check it out! The new LYS (local yarn shop, in yarnaholic-speak), Knit and Caboodle, got its new sign recently! So, now you won't be in danger of missing it when you are on Main Street in St. Charles, MO. I just love going inside this place...the variety of colors and textures are almost overwhelming. I always want two of these...four of those...no, wait...gimme a dozen of them! Connie (the owner) is just a wonderful person, and she deserves success with this new venture of hers. Support your LYS!

And, on that note, I am doing my very best to provide support to K&C, beyond the obvious method of trying to purchase some of everything she has in stock. I signed up for the first Socks Class on Monday nights and have just finished Class #2. We made and turned the heel and shaped the gusset last night, using a different stitch than called for in the pattern (replacing a plain stockinette stitch on the heel with a S1, K1 on the RS, which is supposed to provide a stronger heel for the finished sock.) Hurrah! Now, it's on to the toe!! [Here's a photo of the newly-turned heel on my sock, which is being made with a neat self-striping fingering weight yarn in (what else?) purple, teal, and green.]

Yes, I had made several stockings last Christmas, so the instructions weren't new or daunting this time around, but I wanted to learn how to adjust patterns for fit and to see if my technique was correct. With Christmas Stockings, you don't have to worry about fit, but with socks...that's pretty important. Plus, working on these tiny US2 double-pointed needles is a challenge, especially for someone with fat fingers like me.

Have I told you that the irises are beautiful this year? Oh yes, I think I've mentioned that a time or two. It bears repeating: the irises are beautiful this year! Thomas suggested that I go around with my camera to document where the different colors are located, since we haven't been diligent in marking them or tagging the transplants. This photo is of a pink one and yellow & white one growing around the bench in the front yard, taken after a brief rain shower. Today, a frilly purple one has joined the parade, just to the right of where this picture was taken. I wish I knew the names of all of them...perhaps I can find a book with pictures, and I can match ours up. Meanwhile, I think I'll just enjoy them...and I invite you to, too!


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