One Sock, Two Socks...

Ta-da! As you can see, I finished my socks. Although I didn't get to attend my final class on the subject, I was able to find my way through the pattern instructions and finish the toe(s).

Can you tell anything about them? For instance, can you tell that they are HUGE?? Let it be a lesson...CHECK YOUR GAUGE. After I had made it through most of Sock #1, all the way to the toe-decreases, I finally checked my gauge. Instead of the 8 stitches = 1" that the pattern called for (with sock/finger-weight yarn and size US2 needles, which I was using), I had a roomier 7 stitches to the inch. Oh well, they're still pretty...and they'll make great slouch-y, lounging socks, won't they? And, you can bet your last dime, I'll check my gauge on the next pair I knit!

What a weird week I'm having. Mom's at Jack's for a visit (so, no caregiver duties for me)...and, Thomas is actually home mid-week (between Kansas City and Effingham), so I'm not really sure whether I'm coming or going! Shouldn't I be heading to St. Peters Senior Center...or the doctor's office...or somewhere? Nope. Not this week. Hmmm....

Checked the Farmer's Almanac to see when was the best time to plant beans and cucumbers...found out that would be today...New Moon. So, I soaked some seeds and set up the bean fencing in the garden...loosened the soil with the cultivator...and, got 'em in the ground before sundown. Also, removed suckers from the tomatoes...which are growing very well. Now, I need to weed a bit...then mulch with a layer of paper, then a layer of hay. Hopefully, I can make that all happen before vacation...and before my back knows exactly what I've been up to.

The irises are almost bloomed out, and I must say that I'm sad to see them go. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the colors...the variety...the abundance of blooms this year. How about one more iris photo before their season ends? This one is in the back yard, at the edge of the pond and the edge of the deck. Isn't it a gorgeous yellow? And, it looks this brilliant in "real life," too! I've marked the plants because they'll need dividing next year, and I would love to start this color in a couple of other places in our well as give some transplants to Maredith.

Never it's time for the daylilies to begin their show. Buds are forming everywhere! It'll be a few days, but the curtain should go up for the first blossoms by this weekend.


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