Bell's Palsy Update: Day 4

Woke up this morning thinking "what's that on my eye?!" Oh yeah...eyepatch. And that must mean I still have Bell's Palsy. Sigh.

I'll take a short cut on this post and reprint what I sent to a couple of Facebook friends who messaged me this morning, asking how I was doing:

I wish I could say it was getting better, but unfortunately, today seems a little worse. Eye is drooping more, even though I'm now wearing an eyepatch almost constantly. And because i have a cataract developing in my non-droopy eye (right), i have difficulty seeing clearly with the eyepatch on the left. Speech seems a little better (or maybe I'm just getting used to speaking out of one side of my mouth...:), but jaw pain is worse. Sounds...especially the dogs barking...are downright painful, bringing tears to my eye(s). Very, very tired...but having some sleep problems, probably due to the steroid. Eating and drinking are tough...everything through a straw, even hot coffee. Sigh. I could feel down if I let myself, you know? Keep those thoughts and prayers coming!

It isn't all doom and gloom, though. Mr. T will be here tonight, and that thought brings a smile to my face. Granted, that would be half of a smile to half of my face...but you get my drift, right.

Since we use FaceTime on our iPads to talk to each other, he shouldn't be too shocked at my appearance. Well, I hope not. I hate the way I look, especially when trying to talk (since the iPad has both a front and a back camera, I can see a thumbnail shot of myself when we are FaceTiming...and it ain't pretty, folks), but what is my alternative? Hide under a veil for the duration? Nope. Not me. "It is what it is" quote one of my fav NCIS characters, Ziva. And we will work through it...together.

Another positive point? I have heard from so many who read my blog regularly, family, and Facebook friends, several of whom I knew in school. Many had never heard of Bell's Palsy; many knew a friend or family member who had had BP. One in that last category, KD, my college suitemate, shared her own story about having had Bell's well as a lot of helpful information from her experiences and on a fantastic website. Follow this link to check it out:

So, even though I'll probably be having a pity party for one sooner than later, I know I am not alone in this journey. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and move forward.


I would be remiss if I didn't give a little update on Missy M's recovery. She's trying very hard to stick to the recommended 4-hour work day, and to keeping that broken foot elevated at all times. So far, so good this week...right on target. As you can imagine, she is so ready for this to be over. Next dr. appt. for her is on Thursday. I'm not sure who will be happier that her Daddy will be stepping in to the Driving Miss Maredith role: me, because driving is now one of the most difficult and painful things I do with my eye issues...or she, because she has to ride with her car...:)?


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