Where in the World is...?

Did you ever play that game, Where in the World is Waldo? He's my hero!!

So, here I am, in a most unlikely spot, at the Grand Canyon! I went to AZ last weekend for the wedding of my first-cousin-once-removed...and since I was in the same state with one of the "wonders of the world"...and since I had my camera with me...well, it was only natural to change my plans a wee bit and GO!

I was inspired by a friend, who was visiting with us recently as she and her husband were making a move across the country from one coast to the other. She was driving their car and left our house, intent upon driving to the Canyon. I thought..."how exciting!" Then I thought..."you nut, you're going to AZ later on this month...you too could see the Canyon, with just a couple of changes in your plans." And, that's exactly what happened.

I got there the afternoon before (Sunday) and scoped out Mather Point (not too far from the South Rim entrance, where the above pic was taken), which was supposed to be a great place to view the sunrise over the Canyon. I checked the sunrise time (on the Park's excellent website) and left a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call (which didn't come until 5:10). Fortunately, I had trouble sleeping, so I got up even earlier...got dressed in the warmest clothes that I'd brought...grabbed my clapotis shawl that Missy M had knitted for me, and that I had worn to the wedding...and headed to the Point to catch the sunrise...without that first cup of coffee, I might add. Here's the photo I took as the sun peeked into the Canyon:

And here I am, freezing my ears off...swathed in the shawl that I was thanking heaven for at that moment, taking a self-snapped pic, just to prove I was there at sunrise (over my right ear). Oh my goodness, it was cold! In the twenties, someone said. Snow was still visible in spots. Brrr! Then, I hopped in the car to dash back to the hotel for that coffee and breakfast, a hot shower, pack my bag, and hot-foot it back to the Phoenix airport. Made it...with "plenty" of time to spare! It was a fun weekend, all the way around.

I hadn't been to AZ in a long, long time, and I remembered very little other than the high number of cactii...and the low number of big trees (like oaks). That much hasn't changed, except there were fewer cactii...and they were further out from the "city." And, there certainly is a lot more "city" than in 1965!

I had mapped out a before-the-wedding, Saturday morning yarn shop crawl, but instead of visiting 3 shops, I made it to two...and an Indian reservation. Blame it on Google Maps...I did! Still, I found the most bea-u-ti-ful baby alpaca-blend yarn called Highlander from Alpaca With a Twist, in a rich red tweed called Tartan Red for Mr. T's Shawl-collared Sweater. Found this yarn at Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint in Scottsdale (photo to left). I went all the way to AZ to buy a yarn that is from Georgetown, IN! I've already swatched it and love, love, love the way it is knitting up. I also bought some lovely sunshine-yellow lace-weight yarn at Fiber Factory in Mesa.

Still, I have to say that the most fun was had at the wedding reception, and then the brunch on Sunday. I enjoyed a wonderful time with cousins that I so rarely get to see. [It certainly helped at the reception that I was receiving text messages from home on the score of the Final Four games (Memphis beat UCLA...oh happy day!)] I wish the bride and groom all the very best...and I am glad that I got the opportunity to share in their joy.


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