Go Cards!

Tonight will be our first Cardinal game of the 2008 season...live one, that is. We bought a ticket package and are excited to see where our nose-bleed seats are this year. We like what are called Infield Terrace seats, which are high-up over home plate on the third base side. We get a great view of the Arch from there! Tonight's opponents..."arch-rival" (no pun intended...:) Chicago Cubs.

Speaking of the Cubs...that made me remember a chuckle I had while at the Grand Canyon recently. I was sitting on a rock ledge on Mather Point overlook (photo, left), enjoying the wonder of it all and trying to stay warm, when a group of tourists approached me to ask if I'd take their picture. Of course, I'm always eager to help out my fellow travellers and asked if their camera was a simple "point & shoot?" When I raised the viewfinder to my eye, I realized that I was looking at 4 "Chicago Cubs" tee shirts and caps! Hmmm. I said: "I sure hope I don't mess this shot up or anything. You might want to know, I live in St. Louis." They looked like they wanted to take their camera back, immediately. I told them not to worry...just move back a little...back, back...that's it, just a little more...oh, you better watch that next step behind you there! Just kidding!!

I was looking at my AZ photos again this week, and I really loved all the colors that showed up in the Canyon pictures I took on Sunday afternoon, April 6. The pictures taken in the late afternoon are so different than the ones I took at sunrise the next day. Amazing!

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for our baseball outting. It was raining...storming actually...earlier this morning, which prevented me from going to the STL Symphony's Coffee Concert. I truly hated to miss it...as this is one of my favorite treats "to myself, from myself"...but I didn't particularly want to walk the 3-4 blocks from the parking lot to the Symphony Hall in a down-pour. [Nothing like having done your hair and put on some nice shoes & duds (replacing the usual sneakers, jeans and turtleneck/tee), only to have everything ruined by rainwater! And, then to have to sit for a couple of hours in the wet clothing. Um, no thanks.] Oh well...I shouldn't complain too much...lots of folks today are dealing with much worse consequences of the bad weather throughout the Midwest. I just have to worry about whether I should wear a jacket to the game or not...


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