Moving Through a New Month

Good Saturday morning...and good grief! Can that truly be November on the calendars? That month there that's almost 3/4 over?! Why, yes...yes it can.

It has been a bit of a difficult month here at Casa 3917. Highs and lows, don't you know? Where do I begin to catch up?

Before we go too far, let me post a couple of pics of the pups. Abbie and Winston are in the first, followed by Duche$$. After all, it is all about the dogs around here, right? on to business. It was a fairly miserable Hallowe'en, even for my least favorite holiday.  I somehow managed to get an early season cold and a bad cough, all in the same week. And I haven't been able to shake either off completely. Can you say b-r-o-n-c-h-i-t-i-s? Truly, I have been "under the weather," as they say. And just when the weather started to turn!

For sure, we have been in full Fall mode here in NC. The leaves were absolutely fabulous this year! I have heard it said it was because we had a rather mild summer, as temperatures go. While I'm not entirely sure about the scientific backing for that notion, I'm certainly sure of the results: ruby reds, gorgeous golds, and outrageous oranges! A feast for the eyes!

Then, before we knew it, we had to turn on the heat, as a blast of cold Arctic air came whistling through the Way Back. Brrrrrr. As I write this, I'm enjoying a cuppa hot tea in front of a warm fire. And taking a break from my knitting. 

I guess I could take a few paragraphs to rattle off a month's worth of adventures, as it has been a while since my last post. Let's see:

Prior to being felled by this cough & cold combo, my life was wrapped around Master Gardener activities, which picked back up after a brief slow down during the summer months. I've signed my recertification agreement for 2015 and agreed to serve as Vice President of the Advisory Board, so that should keep me busy...especially since I will still be co-chair of the Communications/Media committee and writing articles whenever I get the chance. Plus, I'm still the Team Lead for the Demonstration Rose Garden, but that doesn't require a lot of work during the Winter. 

Oh, here's a picture of my new MG license plate...which arrived in the mail yesterday. The campaign to get special plates began three+ years ago by our State Association. We needed 300 MGs to make the commitment before NC would begin production of the plates. And I'm proud to get one of the first off the presses, so to speak. A memorable number, wouldn't you agree?

Being a Master Gardener gives me lots of opportunities to volunteer and serve, doing something I truly enjoy. I get to learn something new almost every day...and I'm with a great group of (mostly) like-focused folks. All good. 

I've been reminded quite recently that it's past time for a teachable moment. Contrary to popular belief, being an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer is not the same as being in a "garden club." No, we exist to help the Ag Extension Agent help the public with horticulture questions.  We are trained to give research-based answers, and we are required to earn no fewer than 10 ("continuing") education hours and to volunteer no fewer than 20 hours a year in order to maintain our MG certification. It's best summed up by the phrase "first we learn, then we teach." And it is right down my alley. 

However, I do have to be mindful of reserving enough time and energy to tend to my own garden and take care of my own business! Otherwise, it can get frustrating. And that's the time to make time for the other adventures in life!

Along those lines...

I made a brief trip to GA recently, when Missy M had to have a procedure that required anesthesia...& a driver to get her home afterwards. Long story short, she's made some lifestyle changes that involve diet and exercise, aiming to counteract the stress of her work...and hopefully halt further damage to her digestive tract. Latest news: she's making progress with the pain. 

Then, Mr. T and I drove to Asheville to enjoy a Sunday brunch with Bro. and SIL J and J, both of whom are doing well. It's nice to be able to see them more often, now that they are "part time residents" of NC. We'll get to see them again when we meet up for Family Christmas.

Even with short hops here and there, we have still made time for wrapping up the Third Season in the garden. Just before a hard frost hit us, we covered the raised beds to protect the lettuce, broccoli, beets, and spinach. The greens should be fine with a frost...supposed to make them taste sweeter. But I needed to harvest the last of the peppers as they won't survive cold temperatures. Next up: I plan to make some salsa, using the final harvest of tomatoes (shown in the picture) and peppers. So it appears that the rest of my weekend is already mapped out.

And then it'll be time to load up the pups and head to GA for Turkey Day! One of my most-favorite Holidays!! Hooray!!!

As I said before, it's all good!


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