Socks, Showers, and Spring Flowers

OK...I'm definitely ready for it...Spring has arrived in MO! I got home last night, and before I even unpacked the car, I checked the front to see if any of the daffodils had opened up in the last 4 days while I was in Louisville. Hooray! As you can see from the picture (right), a few had...with more to come (see? there in the background?).

Actually...with LOTS more to come, as Mr. T and I planted 100 more daffodil bulbs late last Fall, when we divided (and expanded) all of the daylily and iris beds. Should be quite a show...for someone. I honestly hope that I am not still in MO to take photos of all the beautiful blooms in 2009. Honestly.

Oh yes, Spring is here for sure. The weather forecast is for thunderstorms, high winds, and lots of rain for this afternoon and evening. Joy. Can the sound of the tornado sirens be far behind? Oh well, hopefully the rain will bring more flowers...

On a calmer note, I wanted to post photos of my latest Finished Objects. I polished off that scarf (right) I started during the awful, terrible, horrible, very bad snow & ice storm last month. Remember? The one I was knitting by candlelight? I had enough of the Paton's SWS Soy/Wool yarn (so soft!) to do a headband to keep my ears warm...which I'm more likely to wear than a hat. Of course, I'm hoping I won't need either the scarf or the warm headband until next Winter...

And then there are the socks...

...a couple of pairs for a couple of really great friends. The ones pictured on the left are in scrumptious green yarn called "Blarney" from the Plucky Knitter...snatched, er - borrowed from Missy M's stash...just perfect for a red-haired friend with the gift of gab, wouldn't you say? Can you guess who the pair on the right went to? They are knit in the pattern "Anne's Magic Stripes" using Malabrigo yarn called "Turner," which I purchased on a recent ATL trip at The Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville, GA.

I worked up both pairs using the Two Socks on Two Circs method, meaning that I knit both socks at once with two circular needles. Yep, I'm hooked on it...I love finishing both socks at the same time. I picked up an Unfinished Object (UFO) to work on this weekend...the second sock of a pair of Opal sock yarn's colorway Harry Potter socks that I had started in January before I learned the 2 Sox on 2 Circs method...and I was bored within 15 minutes! My only motivation is that I have already finished Sock #1...and it desparately needs its mate!

So, of course, I started another project...a prayer shawl that I am crocheting. I've got both projects in my carry-on for my flight...along with another UFO (a knitted "woven-look" scarf in yummy Manos del Uruquay wool clasica "space-dyed" yarn in purples and reds) in my bag...wonder which one I'll work on?

Carry-on? Flight? Bag? Huh??? "Wonder where she's off to now?" Stay tuned...:)


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