There're No Friends Like _ _ _, Enduring Friends

I count myself as one of the most fortunate people in the world because I have friendships that have endured the test of time...a long time...more time than I care to admit to, actually. More than fifty years, in one case. Yowza! Isn't that just amazing?

Anne and I have known each other since my first days in Henning, where we moved to/from Memphis when I was three years old. We were in Sunday School together as tots...we attended 8 years at Henning Grammar School together...and we graduated from Ripley High School together. We went to the beach together...we were in each other's weddings...and we both have "only" daughters, born just 6 months apart. We used to talk to each other almost nightly on the phone (at least until 9:00, when it was "lights out" at her house), especially when we needed to check our Algebra homework (Mrs. Cloyes!) or our Latin homework (Mrs. Thomas!)...even though we had just spent a whole day together in classes. Of course, we've embraced email as our standard of communication these days, but the beauty of a lasting friendship like ours is that we can just pick up where we left off...even if we haven't actually talked to each other for a year or more.

I've had the opportunity to get together with Anne a couple of times in the past few weeks. Spurred on by the prospect that my impending move might mean we don't get to see each other for a while, she contacted Janie...another long-time friend, and they drove to rendevous with me at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah. Now, this was the same week as that awful, horrible, terrible, very bad ice & snow storm in KY. But, as we had already postponed once, we braved the weather forecast and the roads...and had a fabulous time together! BTW, if you find yourself on I-24, going through KY, be sure to schedule some time's worth it!

Anne and I also met up at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston this week...home of the throwed rolls (that's one of 'em there on the left), for anyone in the dark about this quirky southeastern Missouri destination...and talked at our table for so long after our meal was done and our gallon of tea had been consumed, that we felt obligated to double our kind waitress's tip, sort of like paying rent on the space, don't you know? Janie couldn't make it because of work, so we had to keep up the conversation without her help this time...and, of course, we didn't seem to have any problem with that assignment. That's us together in that picture (above, left)...and we were every bit as happy as to be together we appear to be.

I hope we have many more opportunities to keep our friendship fires kindled in the coming years!


Cynthia said…
So glad you both got to spend time together! I know Mom loved it. :)

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