So, now you know. Last Tuesday, I vacuumed the house (yet again), put fresh flowers in the vases (yet again), and refreshed the cookies in the cookie canister (yet again). Yes, everything looked spic and span...all ready for that potential buyer to walk in the door and fall madly in love with the place. My work here was done.

After letting our Realtor know I'd be MIA for about a week, I packed my bag, locked all the doors, and headed off to Orlando to join Missy M for a week in the sun. It was time for our annual Mother-Daughter Bonding Trip (MDBT)!

She was attending an e-Learning conference held in Lake Buena Vista Tuesday-Friday, so I just lounged around the pool (where, even with SPF #30, my blindingly white skin turned bright pink), worked the crosswords and the sudokus, and read my latest book (a bio of Andrew Jackson by Jon Meacham called American Lion). You know, acted like I was on vacation.

Remarkably, I didn't knit a stitch (except in the airport and on the plane)...and we didn't make it to a single yarn store. Not one. Gasp!

Then, it was time to see the World...Walt Disney World, that is! We started off at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday...then to a Braves Spring Training game at Disney's Wide World of Sports and shopping in Downtown Disney on Sunday...and finished up at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Monday. Lots of changes there.

I wore my Step Counter (aka my Clicker) and registered over 25,000 steps in the 3 days we spent on the properties! [2000 steps, more or less, equal 1 mile] Wow!!

In addition to playing around with Mickey and Friends, we reacquainted ourselves with the area we left over 7 years ago (can it really be that long ago?!) by driving by the butterscotch-colored house on Jessica Lane, where there have been remarkably few (if any) changes. And, on Sunday, from a parking lot in Downtown Disney, we got to see one of the most exciting moments in the life of a central Floridian: watching the launch of the Space Shuttle (photo to right, below)!

As you can imagine, I took loads of photos on the trip. I whittled them down to a manageable amount and uploaded to my Share Page at You can see the slideshow of this album over there in the left column <<<<<<<. I also created a Photo Book...currently a work-in-progress. Feel free to enjoy at your leisure.

I have been home in MO just long enough to toss out the old flowers and replace them with fresh ones...which I've actually augmented with some from the yard. The daffodils are coming in fast & furious in this unusually warm weather we've had this week. Now, I've just got time to re-pack my bags and head back to the airport.

Where to this time, you ask? Stay tuned...


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