HB 2 Me!

Today is my 56th birthday...woo-hoo! I'm loving it! Hopefully, you will hear the Birthday Song, if you click that link. [Be sure to click the back-arrow to return.]

Oh look, check out that shot of me on my third birthday (left). We were living in Memphis on Lynbar Avenue, on 7/16/1956 BJ (before Brother J arrived). I can count on my fingers (even if I do have to hold that little finger down), I have a cowgirl cake and at least two front teeth. What more could a girl want?

As my family will attest, I am big on playing both "Where were we when..." and "Wonder what we'll be doing this time next year?" (I can hear their eyes rolling right now...:)

Anyway, let's see...on this day 40 years ago, I was getting my first driver's license (wrote about that in my last post). But, what I didn't mention was that same day (7/16/1969) was the day the USA launched the Apollo XI mission to the moon...when the Eagle landed on my cousin's 16th birthday, 7/20/69. Hmmmm...landing on the moon? First driver's license...? Well, which memory do you think a 16-year-old would cherish???

On 7/16/84, I was at Walt Disney World for my 31st birthday. Got the button here on my bulletin board to remind me. It's still a small world, after all.

On 7/11/91, we witnessed what they called The Big One.....the Aloha Solar Eclipse. We were in Hawaii that week, which included my 38th birthday. Got another button for that.

Let me see if I can do a recount (I'll use my fingers, if I have to...:), based on where I was living at the time: I've celebrated 28 of my birthdays in Tennessee, 1 in Florida (could be more, if we slipped one of those from TN to FL when we were on other vacations on my birthday...:), 3 in Mississippi, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Hawaii, 5 in North Carolina (counting this one), 4 in Ohio (including the Big 4-0), 5 in Georgia, 1 in Canada (was working for Scientific Atlanta; had to work, leading a training session), 1 in Utah (a MDBT with Missy M), and 6 in Missouri (including the Bigger 5-0). Check my math...should be 56. [Note: I edited that list on 7/29/09 when I remembered that I'd spent that birthday in Salt Lake City. How soon one forgets...?]

And, after looking back, of course, one must look forward. Wonder where I'll be this time next year? I'm hope, hope, hoping that I'll be right here. In North Carolina. No desires to be anywhere else. Except maybe at the beach in South Carolina. Or, maybe back in Hawaii. Or, possibly Australia or even New Zealand. Oh well, I guess I'll never stop enjoying travelling...but, I always enjoy coming back home again! For sure.

So, what's on tap for my big day today? Well, Mr. T told me at breakfast that he has planned dinner and a movie. Or, more likely, movie and then dinner. The movie? Need you ask? We'll try to hit a(nother) matinee of Harry Potter; and no, I don't mind seeing it again. Then, after they open at 5:00, we're going to try a restaurant in Jamestown, NC, called Southern Roots. He checked with Realtor Bob, who offered it as a suggestion. The write-up in the News and Record sounded good, and the location is definitely right. We'll let you know how it goes for us!


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