Madness...March and Otherwise

OK. It's late March, right? Even if I had no current calendar, I'd know this because NCAA Basketball March Madness has dominated the airwaves. My Memphis Tigers made the field of 68 but were knocked out in Round 3 by Michigan State. Bummer. And I hadn't even had time to share this great poster pic with you...

With some key upsets, my bracket that was surviving on life-support was almost toast after yesterday's games. Ah well...there's always next year...and with just a passing interest in the rest of the tournament (I still have Louisville winning it all, so there is a faint glimmer if they hold on til The Final Four), I find I'm freed up to attend to other things. Such as:

1. Weeding the Rose Garden path on Saturday, while Mr. T worked at cutting the lumber for the 5 raised beds he's constructing in the redesigned Cool Season Garden. He braved the sleet (!) in the A. M., got all the pieces cut, and even constructed the Center Square (pictured). Abbie helped.

2. Speaking at the Greensboro Arboretum yesterday to 17 or so hardy souls who ignored the raw weather conditions to come to our Master Gardener Speakers Bureau Growing the Green Way presentation called "Totally Tomatoes." This is the PowerPoint presentation I've been working on for the past month, and I think I've mentioned in earlier posts. Think it went some positive comments. Of course, it went longer than the planned hour, but we were concerned about that anyway...who can possibly cover everything you need to know about growing tomatoes in 60 minutes or less? Obviously, not I. What to tweak, was the question JA asked me in our debrief? Lordy, Lordy...I couldn't even force myself to think about Tomatoes for another second. I had reached my absolute limit! Especially since it was near freezing...the only tomatoes I wanted to think about were the ones in a lovely, steaming bowl of soup.

3. Taking Abbie for her monthly checkup and second round of puppy vaccines this morning. She's gained four pounds, now up to 12.4 pounds. She did really well, and it all went a little easier with Mr. T driving while I kept a rambunctious ball of energy under control. Here's a photo I took of our little growl upon our return home, lounging on the bean-bag stool...which she has commandeered. She's growing, for sure.

Mr. T was able to play pet parent today, as he is taking vacation days this week. The plan was to get several items checked off our To Do List (which seems to get longer as the year progresses). And to finish our chores soon enough to head to Louisville for Easter Weekend. But plans should always have flexibility built in, right?

When we returned home from the vet this morning, Mr. T went outside to refill the bird feeders and check to see how damp the work area in the garden still was (we'd had over a half-inch of rain Sunday). I was finishing my second cup of coffee before changing into gardening duds. Next thing I know, he's whistling to get my attention. As I looked out the window, it registered that flakes were falling about the same time his words "It's snowing!" hit my ears. Good grief. No gardening today.

Just call us Gumby. Flexibility is our name. And March Madness is our game.


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