Another Sign of the Times

Now, this is the sign we are concentrating on these days..."Under Contract."

Mr. T took this shot (left) last week when he was in High Point for the home inspection of our next house. The really good news is that the inspection went well, and the sellers had their contractor and his team in the house yesterday to fix all of the issues we had on our list...and, thankfully, there weren't that many, nor were there any that the inspector deemed "major." Biggest problem? The compressor on the upstairs AC system wasn't working properly...and since Mr. T's office will be upstairs, he deemed that one "major" in his book. Fix it! I was more concerned with the kitchen sink's faucet not functioning properly and why that neat double-sided gas fireplace wouldn't light. Fix 'em! [Funny what will one will call "major," eh?]

What remains to be done? Well, it's all about the paperwork at present. I've been able to get all the documents requested for final approval of our loan to Quicken via scanning and emailing, as I don't have access to a fax. No worries...they're on board with the technology. I've whittled my "to provide" list down to one final document (the actual final closing document from MO...the one with the County seals affixed to it), and it should arrive here in KY any day now. You'll probably hear me shout "hooray" the moment I receive the message with "Final Approval - No Further Documentation Required."

I am so eager to get started on the yard and garden at our new house that I signed up for a Do It Herself workshop, on Yard and Garden Maintainance, offered here in Louisville at the Home Depot. One of the assignments was to bring photos of the current yard, so I asked Mr. T to go by the High Point house and snap a few more exterior shots. He had taken some on his initial trip, when he captured the beautiful pink dogwood at the front door in full bloom (left). When he went back, the blooms were all spent and replaced by a mass of green leaves (right).,.plus, you can see the azaleas in bloom, along with several hearty clumps of daylilies coming out of their Winter dormancy. How exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next!

As Cousin Ann says: "I'll bet you are fit to be tied for the next 2 weeks. Your mind must be racing but you can't do anything to get ready." And, as I responded to her: "You are so right about not being able to do much between now and when we actually move in...but, that hasn't stopped me from arranging and rearranging all the furniture, pictures, etc., IN MY HEAD. I've painted every least a couple of times. I've planted daylilies, irises, daffodils...and then, moved 'em to a different place in the my mind. I even dug the fish pond and set up the waterfall! Whew...I'm exhausted!"

So, the sign may say "Under Contract," but what it really means is "You'll Have to Wait a Little Bit Longer to Settle In." And, we all know how much I love to wait...


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