Home Stretch

We are almost home...literally and figuratively. If all goes according to the current plan, we will be pulling into our new driveway in High Point, NC (photo to the left), keys in hand, in just 6 days from today. It'll be ours...finally.

Everyone (outside of our immediate family) has said "wow, that was quick!" I cannot begin to tell you how not-quick it has seemed to us. Soon, I won't have to blog about waiting, waiting, waiting...I can blog about painting, planting, and unpacking. You'll have to remind me that I was wishing for that, won't you?

We got the call yesterday. The loan approval is final...the closing is scheduled...and the papers are all done and UPS'ed. Hooray and halleluiah! It's all over except the signing...and, oh yeah, the exchange of funds. We'll be doing the wire-transferring this time, and thank goodness they've sent us the instructions for that, as it's a first for us. Learn something new every day, as my dear darlin' Daddy used to say.

Meanwhile, here at Missy M's ranch in KY, where she's in Phase II of her master landscaping plan (Phase I...the front yard re-do was completed last year), we've had a lot of activity going on this week. On Sunday, Mr. T built her a fab potting bench by repurposing the railings from her deck (removed the first year) and some old boards. He then finished up painting the garden shed, along with making some repairs to the lattice privacy screens.

Then the landscape workers arrived early on Tuesday morning and began the day-long transformation from drab to dynamite! She now has beautiful raised beds for her garden, brand new shrubs and trees in front of the fence, and pine-bark and shredded mulch covering the remainder of the back yard. Yep...not a blade of grass to be seen...or to be watered or mowed, either! It's just beautiful, with her container gardens and potted plants strategically placed...and, now that she has the dedicated space, she's just itching to get her veggies growing.

Me? I've just thoroughly enjoyed having my morning coffee on the deck, looking out over the brand new back yard, not having to worry and fret about getting some documentation or other into the mortgage loan folks. Yesterday, I snapped this photo (right) with my phone of a male cardinal returning to the deck feeder after all of the previous day's activity. You might say...all's right with the world.


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