How Do You Spell Relief? S-O-L-D!

I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting...:) to post that photo, over there on the left, for what seems like an eternity. There was even a bit of apprehension in our family that I even allowed a SOLD sign to be added...might jinx the deal, don't you know?

Well, I am happy to report that Realtor Sue...a jewel if there ever was one...just called to say that the closing on our house in MO went through without a hitch (and thankfully, without either one of us in attendance) this morning, and that the funds will be wire-transferred to our account by COB today. Hooray! Have I said lately just how much I love technology (when it works, that is...:)?

The process to close in absentia was ripe for mistakes to be made: first, the Title Company emailed me the documents on Monday; then, I printed them out and signed them on Tuesday before a Notary here in KY, where I am; then, I overnighted them to Mr. T, who signed them before a Notary in SC, where he was this week, on Wednesday; then, he overnighted them back to MO to the Title Company, all to arrive in time for the scheduled Thursday morning closing...whew! What a production! And, it all actually worked! Will wonders never cease?, that means we can direct all of our (dwindling) energies toward closing on the house in NC. I came to the (less-than-) brilliant conclusion yesterday (hey...sometimes it takes me a while to observe the obvious...:) that the reason this move has been so difficult for us is that we have been dealing with 2 houses at once...something we've never done in all of our many moves. In the past, we've taken it one house at a time...sell the old house, move stuff out to storage, move selves to temporary quarters while we find and buy the house that meets our family's needs at a price that is reasonable. Not so in this economy...we had to do it a little differently in order to reach the same goal ("buy the house"). Duh! No wonder we are all exhausted and having to tie knots in the ends of our ropes just to hang on!!

But, today, I feel as if a giant boulder has been removed from between my shoulder blades. A great sense of relief. I guess that's what a SOLD sign will do for you...that, and a closing that goes as planned.


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