Look Who Found Us in KY

N/M/E's good friend from Cincinnati, Rose and her daughter Carol stopped by Missy M's house for a bit this week. What a nice treat that was! And don't those two octogenarians look fabulous in that photo on the left?

Mom and Rose have been good friends since the "West Tennessee Days," when Daddy and Rose's husband worked together in Covington. Mercy...that must be 35 years ago! As I've said before (and will hopefully say again), there's nothing like enduring friendships.

Carol, who does amazing counted cross-stitch work on linen, brought her latest project for us to see. Of course, I need a magnifying glass just to look at the eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny stitches. How she has any vision left is beyond me! She also brought along some tasty cookies...which I had no trouble whatsoever in seeing...and devouring...:)

Carol and "the Moms" headed off for a nice lunch at Applebee's, but I had to hang around the house to take care of some details with the contract on the NC house. Never fear...I put in my order for my favorite, Grilled Shrimp and Spinach Salad. Yummy! I think it's the dressing that makes me drool for that particular dish. Whatever...I know that if I haven't had one every couple of weeks, I start craving it!

New house update: I completed all the mortgage loan papers online last night...in just under 2 hours. I love Quicken Loans! Never heard of them? Well, I'm certainly one of their satisfied customers. This will be the third time we have used them (fourth, if you count when Missy M bought her house), and I believe it has gotten even quicker. You have one "point person" who makes sure the process goes smoothly, and then you do almost all of your "paperwork" online, by email, by phone, and/or by fax. Ah, technology. Perfect way to do business, if you ask me.

UFO update: Because I worked on the loan stuff, I didn't get to work on the previously-mentioned socks much. Maybe today, after all the laundry's done. How can 4 people (one of whom is only here on the weekends) generate so many dirty clothes? Never ceases to amaze me...


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