Slow as Molasses in January

Have you ever noticed that the more you want something to happen the longer it takes to happen? I feel like I've been running a marathon in sand. Will this waiting ever end?

Here's the latest update on the move from MO to NC...

I made my last trip (I hope) back to MO to clean out the house there in anticipation of the upcoming closing...good Lord willing and the crick don't rise...on May 7. As our buyer stopped by our house last Sunday to meet us (something that is apparently just NOT DONE in real estate transactions in Missouri...but something that seemed so natural to me...:); and as she has already had someone come over to measure for some new carpet she's installing; and as we received mail for her that was already being forwarded to our 833 address, I'm feeling pretty confident that this closing is gonna happen on schedule. The current plan is for us to close via FedEx from here, so hopefully, we won't have to hit I-64 ever again.

You should have seen my car on this trip! Lillie Pearl was absolutely loaded to the gills...if a PT Cruiser can be said to have gills, that is. The beauty of a PTC is that you can remove the rear seats completely...and practically turn it into a small cargo van. Check...did that!

This trip was devoted mainly to plants that I'd dug up for transplanting into our next yard, and some things from the inside that wouldn't fit into the last two car-loads. The African Violets...which made the trip unscathed, wonder of all wonders, by riding in the floor-board of the front passenger seat, on each side of a Jackmanii Clematis (that's a photo of what its beautiful purple blooms will look like, above...on the left) that I hope will survive. The lemon tree I started from seed...and the pineapple plant I started from a top I cut off a fresh pineapple from the market. Oh yeah...I've can certainly use the nickname Garbage Gardener, can't I?

In more ways than one. I had been strongly urged to get the ("that thing was very expensive, Mom") composter into the car somehow, someway. It's this fabulous barrel-like tumbler, similar to the one on this link, that I'd received as a gift from my loved ones...ah, they know what I like! And, we really intended for it to go on the truck with our other things way back in December. But, for one reason or another, it didn't happen then. Well, it happened now! I was able to get it all cleaned out, and since it hasn't been doin' its thing all winter due to neglect by moi, it was not in the least, er, fragrant. Empty, it's really not that heavy...and since it is designed to be rolled, which is part of the tumbling action whenever it is loaded, I just rolled it from the back yard to the garage (via the faucet by the back door) and up into the hatchback! Voila! Piece o' cake.

So, today I'm back in KY, where I've set up shop in a corner of Missy M's basement, about 12 feet away from where Mr. T's temporary office is...over there on that card table. We're surrounded by boxes and bins, cartons and crates...and I know she will be thrilled when we finally pack all this stuff up and head East. "So, how's that house hunting going, Mom?"

I was just getting to that...

We think...we hope...we have found a house in High Point. It looks like it was built just for us, actually. To run the is an 8-year old, 1 1/2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 4-sides brick traditional (as they say in real estate). It has hardwood floors throughout the main level (tile in the baths; carpet on the second floor), a nice front porch, a "cozy" screened porch, and a good-sized deck. Dining room with french doors. Great room and breakfast room that share a two-sided fireplace with gas logs. Cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen, the baths, and the utility room. Workshop already set up in the garage for Mr. T. The yard has an irrigation system and lots of trees (as does the whole neighborhood) for attracting birds, and there're even a couple of pink dogwoods in bloom right now.

Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Fooled you! Found it on the Internet, with the help of Bob Our Realtor. Fell in love with the pictures of the leaded glass front door and transom, and with the way the bay window in the breakfast room looked...isn't it funny what will attract you to one house over another? Mr. T has been the point person on our House Hunting, and this is the one he really likes. On his visit last weekend, he snapped loads of photos (even some of the attic and of the crawlspace...:), and I've stared at them so many times and at such length that I feel like I've been there already. And, this weekend I'll make that happen.

We didn't want to lose it, so we made an offer late yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. Which brings me back around to that waiting game. Back to where I started this post. And I still hate to wait.

Stay tuned...


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