It's Been a Memorable Week

Now, where was I? Oh yes...moving into our new house. And other good stuff...

We've had one heckuva week around here. Let's run the numbers: closed on the NC house on the 27th; celebrated our 33rd anniversary on the 29th; greeted the moving van and 5 movers on the 2nd; celebrated Gus' 6th Gotcha Day on the 3rd; and began the l-o-n-g unpacking process that may take us 6 more months to complete.

Never fear, it hasn't been "all work and no play," the middle of all that's going on...we took a little side-trip to Durham and stayed for the night at the Washington Duke Inn on the campus of Duke University, to celebrate our anniversary in style and comfort. (This was before the movers arrived, so we'd been sleeping on the air-mattress at the house...and eating off paper plates with plastic forks, etc.) Ah...what a wonderful treat that was! We had champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries (photo to the right) in our lovely room overlooking the golf course. Our breakfast was served outdoors on the terrace. And, we truly felt like we were beginning our thirty-fourth year together...and this new chapter in our lives, in just the right way.

Back to the house...

Painted for three days before the movers arrived. I taped and painted Nana/Momma/Edith's room a beautiful plum color, similar to the one I had in my office in MO. I also did the dining room (in Caramel), and the entrance hall, the living room, and the breakfast area (which will serve as my office) in Autumn Wheat. Mr. T etched, primed, and painted the garage floor...and his workshop area...a manly Slate Grey.

Big Day...and the Big Atlas Truck and the movers...arrived on Tuesday. Took them all day to unload all of our stuff. We are the most fortunate people on Earth, for the sun shined all day...and nary a drop of rain fell from the sky.

That started on Wednesday, when we had a storm of biblical proportions. Wind...rain...hail...lightning...thunder. Check out that photo (left) of the water standing in our back yard. Wow! And, it has rained every day since then. You may have heard on the Weather Channel about the flash flooding in Guilford County and Greensboro? That's us! Anyway, I believe that the drought in NC just might be over.

Found the box with my printer, so was able to print out this photo (right) that Missy M took of Gus on his Gotcha Day. Since he is adopted, we don't know when his actual birthday is...but we can celebrate the day he came to live with us...June 3rd. Missy M, Duchess, and I drove from our (then-new) house in O'Fallon across the Mississippi to Illinois to his foster home...and we knew he was meant to be part of our family. Well, all except Duchess...who is still waiting for us to "take him back." Tee hee. The rest of us agree...he's one Cool Dude!


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