Welcome Back, Miz Edith

As I said in my last post, things are (slowly but surely) getting back to normal with our lives after our six months of moving from MO to NC via KY. Last night we were welcomed back to HP, NC by Miz Amelia...who has been just the greatest friend to Nana/Momma/Edith ever since they began playing bridge together at the Jamestown (NC) Library in '94. That was at the beginning of our last NC residency (94-97), and they have remained friends throughout all of our moves. Amelia has become a part of our extended family, and we are all grateful for her friendship and for her positive effect on N/M/E's spirits. As you see in the photo (left), they look happy, happy, happy to finally be together in the same city, once again.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Steak Street, a favorite of both Amelia and daughter Claire (who joined us for dinner after work). I've written about this restaurant and their yummy food before...and it was just as good last night as it was on our introductory meal. I shared the Voo Doo Shrimp appetizer with N/M/E...and we brought the rest home for today...:) While the others went for the steak entrees, I chose the Shrimp and Grits...and my only disappointment was that I couldn't finish the entire dish. Wow! Added some of that to the take-home box, too. Of course, with such wonderful dinner companions, I guess they could have put cardboard on my plate, and I would have raved about it. Have I told you lately that I'm thrilled to be "back home?" Well, I just didn't want there to be any doubt...

Mr. T and I converged on Louisville last Thursday (he, from DC/MD; me, from NC) so that we'd have two vehicles to move N/M/E and her stuff home from Missy M's. She said that she'd never realized...or acknowledged...that her "temporary move to KY" would have lasted as long as it did. She thought she'd be there for 6 weeks, max. Hmmmm. Obviously, she must have been absent when we said "this move might take us a long time, given the state of the economy and having to sell a house, get a loan for the next house, etc." She'd packed for that imaginary 6 weeks' sojourn, so you will probably understand her desire to burn the few clothes that she had reserved from the moving van. She's sick of them, she says. Oh well...that's why God made Macy's, right?

Back here in NC, we've had gully-washer type rains for the past 3 days, but Mr. Weatherman is promising hot, dry weather for the weekend. Better be right on this one. We need some dry weather to get the fence posts set on Monday...so that we can get the fence built...so that the Drool Gang can complete the family over the Holiday weekend, when Missy M loads up the Explorer for the 8-hour trip...which, with all the stops she'll have to make with 4 dogs, could take 10 or more hours. Then, we will truly be back to normal around here. Ahhhh. Sounds lovely to me.

While we are waiting on that dry weather and the fence, I thought I'd post a few photos of the daylilies that are currently blooming in our yard. Any guesses as to the names of these beauties? The tall, double Yellow-Gold ones look like they could be Double Eagles...maybe. The creamy white ones are similar to the Dad's Best Whites that we had in MO, but these are much taller. The peachy pink ones are almost an apricot color when the sun (finally) hits them. Oh well...a daylily by any other name is still as beautiful...with apologies to Mr. Shakespeare...:)



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