Get Ready...Here They Come...!

D-day is almost here...time for the Drool Gang to join us in NC!

Yes, we've been anticipating the day when we could bring the Bassets to their new home...but, as the yard wasn't fenced, we had to endure a few more weeks of separation from Gus, Duchess, and Elmo than originally planned.

Well, the time has come. As you can see from the photo to the left, our fence is finished. They installed the final panel on Friday...hooray!

Then, Mr. T spent a good part of his weekend installing two...count'em two...Doggie Doors to allow access to the screened porch, then onto the deck. He also has been re-working the deck steps to accommodate both the two-legged and the four-legged creatures that now call this house Home. (The previous steps were just too steep for everyone.)

He will head to L'ville tomorrow in order to help Missy M drive the 500 miles back here on Wednesday. She'll have all 4 furry friends (Ella Rae included) in the Explorer; he'll pack up the Endeavor with our stuff that's still cluttering up her house and yard. I'm hoping that my plants will make this trip, but that may be asking for too much.

It will be wonderful to have the whole family, together again. This should make for an excellent Holiday Weekend!


Cynthia said…
Too much fun! I know you'll be excited to let them check out their new diggs!

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