A New Day...A New Look!

OK, I'm still fiddling with the layout and the look of my blog. I guess being right-handed influences where I think things like postings should be located on the page...? And the colors are more like me now...purples and teals, rather than garish greens. As I implied earlier..."there'll be some changes made." Comments welcomed (see the little pencil...?).

Snow's still around today, but the snowman's listing toward the ground...he's melting, melting. Still, Mom says that this one's "hanging around until the next snow comes." We'll see...

Hey...all of you who made resolutions to lose weight in 2007...howya doing? I'm down 4 for the month and am really enjoying using my new tool: FitDay for the PC. Check out the online version to see if you like it...it's free there: http://www.fitday.com/


DebraSue said…
Howdy fm Texas Hill Country!
I love the blog!
I think I maybe able to get a comment posted. This is my 5th try anyway.
I may even set up a link! DS :>)
DebraSue said…
Hey there!
I was looking for the link you had on your first blog about the fitness program and can't seem to find it. Did you remove that one?
I just glanced at it and want to return--it looked like a good idea about keeping up with exercise. Fm the Hill country, DebraSue :>)

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