K2, P2...The Red Scarf is Through!

Hooray! The red scarf is finished and mailed...with just one day to spare! I hope that it will bring a smile to its new owner, who will hopefully know that love went into each row of stitches. I'm also putting "Red Scarf" on my calendar for next year in early January, so I'll be able to get it to the Orphan Foundation of America (www.orphan.org) way before the January 31st deadline.

Yesterday was a good day to work on my "other project," Hannah's Big Girl Blanket. Mom had a stress-test scheduled for late morning at Barnes Jewish St. Peters Hospital, and fortunately I went prepared to stay awhile. When she finally reappeared in the lobby of the Cardiology Center, she looked exhausted and said she felt as if she'd run a marathon. [As she can't do the treadmill test, they pump her full of a medication via IV that simulates heavy exercise.]

We got the good news in the late afternoon that all was negative on the test, which means "OK" in med-speak. Hooray! That meant she was "on" for bridge today at O'Fallon Senior Center. Play on!


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