Rounding Third, Heading for Home

This week has FINALLY arrived! One could say we have been waiting for it for five long months, since we closed on our NC house on March 31st and moved in with Missy M. One could also say that we have been waiting for two years, since we decided that we would downsize and relocate after we retired. One would probably be correct on both counts. Either way, in baseball terms, we are rounding third base and heading for home!

So, how did this week begin? Well, we are celebrating the first full week of our newest family member, Logan. We adopted him from the Walton County Animal Control, where he had been owner-surrendered because he was "to(o) hyper." We were told that he was "around 5 months old and weighed about 30 pounds," and the guess was made about his parentage: possibly Dalmatian? 

Wrong times three as it turns out. I took him for his first vet visit this morning, and when we got him on the scales, he weighed 25 pounds (and trust me, he hasn't missed a meal this week!). She checked his teeth and found he still has his lower puppy teeth (although his permanent canines are in on the uppers), so she's guessing he is no more than 4 1/2 months old (I had guessed he was younger than they said, since those little needle-teeth had been doing a number on our hands and arms!). And she thinks he is probably a border collie and lab...or possibly a pointer...mix.

Absolutely no matter...none whatsoever. Logan has completely stolen our hearts in the short time he has been under our roof. So much so that I have totally changed my thinking about one key point: I was at first appalled that anyone would surrender a puppy for being "hyper;" now, I am so very thankful that someone did surrender him so that he could have a chance at a good life. And "a good life" is exactly what we intend to provide! 

Here are a few more photos:

Also, as we begin our "Heading for Home" week, I had a good report from my foot doctor. He was pleased with my progress, but he wants me to continue to "ice & elevate" and wear the walking boot for at least another week. Fingers crossed that all will be well by September 6, which is when M is taking me to see Mickey at WDW for my birthday. But that's for a later post...

Back to reality...

I'd love to report that all was peachy-keen in the Peach State, but that's asking for too much. On the projects front, the electricians were busy with the fan and light installs last Friday (see pictures below). Single to on first.

The Merry Maids guy didn't show up for his appointment to give us a quote (foul ball!), but the Molly Maids came through for the Move-In Cleaning today (double to center...advancing runner to third!).

But those electricians didn't quite finish the job and had planned to return yesterday. Didn't happen. Can't happen until after Labor Day weekend. Swing! Miss. Ah well...

Then Mr. T got a call from the moving company's Ops guy about our scheduled move-in on Thursday (8/31). Uh, no...that should be 8/30, says T. Hmmm. Seems that when they say a move is a two-day affair, they are counting their packing and transporting day as Day 1; the actual move-in happens on Day 2. Swing! Another miss. Ah well...again. 

Two strikes on this batter. I guess instead of rounding third and heading for home, it's more like we are standing on third and trying to steal home. So close...only 90 feet away! We can see it...we can feel it...we can taste it. 


And I have no doubts we will be there by the time I post my next update 'cause this batter is swinging for the fences!


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