Four Months Down the Road

Hard as it is for me to believe, we arrived in Georgia four months ago. Or 17 weeks and 3 days, if you want to be more precise. Or 9 bars of Dove soap...but who's counting, right?

In the good news column, you could count the blooming of one of this year's daylily purchases called Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo. It makes us feel like things stand a high possibility of eventually returning to Normal. Eventually. 

And, I took time out of working on the house today to attend my first meeting of the Walton County Master Gardener volunteers in Monroe, GA. I had applied when it looked like we were going to be moving to Loganville (eventually!) and received word in mid-July that I had cleared the background checks (required of anyone working with children) and my application had been approved. I have missed this part of my life (which was put on hold last year while we were going through the throes of moving from NC), so it was a special day indeed. I will be limited in the number of volunteer hours I can manage until after we actually get moved in, but you have to start somewhere.

So where are we on "getting moved in?" Let's see:
(1) Finished painting - The guest room/my craft room just makes me smile every time I look at the "Uptown Girl" purple walls. Missy M says the color looks like my office in our house in O'Fallon, and I have to agree. 

We also finished painting the "Sailors Bay" blue Hall bath, which will be decorated with lighthouses.

(2) Survived a brief vertigo spell...only to have a possible stress fracture in my right foot - This has to come under the "good grief" category. I think the vertigo came about because of the up-and-down on the ladder; thankfully only lost a couple of days to that nemesis. I'm guessing the foot problem was caused by hyper-extending my foot while applying the blue tape to the baseboards. Whatever...I've been hobbling around like Grandpa McCoy (Lordy, doesn't THAT reference date me?!?) for nearly a week now. Seeing the foot doc on Thursday; currently practicing my pleas for a cortisone shot (which Mr. T says is an indication that I must be in pain if I'm asking for a needle!). Meanwhile I elevate and ice.

(3) Got the dishwasher installed - That means we now have all our new appliances operational. Gorgeous! I just have to touch them to make sure they are real!

(4) Got a new storm door, complete with a doggie door - Mr. T finished this install this week, and the pups got to come spend an afternoon at the new house. Ella Rae had an hour's head start as she rode with T, while Winston had to go on a little detour to meet his new vet and get his bordatella booster. It was hard for me to go back to Eastside, but I was so impressed with the care and concern that Dr. Houghton had shown for Abbie-girl that I wanted her to care for Win-man. He, of course, won over the whole staff within a few minutes, and had a great old time. But he then had cause for pause when confronted with the new doggie door...which has a different design from the one he is accustomed to. It took ER being out in the yard and barking at something for him to throw caution to the wind and go blamming right on through.

(5) Had internet connection installed...finally - After a false start a week ago, the Comcast guy finally showed up to install Xfinity (just the internet connection to set up our wifi network since we don't use cable). Not the best customer install experience ever...but we truly have no other choice (since AT&T doesn't have fiber in Loganville yet). If I've said it once, I've said it repeatedly: I MISS NORTHSTATE (our service provider in NC)! They showed up when they said they would, they put the equipment where YOU wanted it, and they managed to be pleasant about it...pretty much the direct opposite of Comcast. Sigh. But I will say this, things are working well, and the wifi is powerful enough to provide excellent streaming video (which is how we get much of our programming now...through Roku, Sling, etc.).

(6) Had another AC service call - Still have AC issues. (The tale of trying to get this resolved could make a whole post but I'll just leave it at that.) Double sigh. Waiting on yet another service call. Hopefully will have a fully-functioning AC before Winter sets in.

(7) Got good news about our tile installation - Looks like they have found the 3 pallets of tile all from the same dye lot and caliber. When it actually arrives, we should be able to schedule the install...possibly as soon as a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed! 

(8) Have a newly-mown lawn and trimmed bushes - Mr. T took M's mower and trimmers over to the house and started the monumental task of cleaning up the landscaping. While the seller kept the grass mowed, we have had so much rain this year that everything had experienced several growth spurts. Plus, the original owners moved out last August, so they more-or-less stopped caring for the plantings...making everything look shaggy and overgrown. Once he had cleared out a spot, Mr. T hung a bird feeder and set up a bird bath. Won't be long before the word gets out that the Adsit Bird Bistro is open for business!

So that's where we are as we begin a new month. I sincerely hope that we will be moved in before completing another 31 days...or unwrap 2 more Dove soap bars...whichever comes first.


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