Nailing Jello to a Wall

Well,'s Wednesday! So, what's on tap for today? Let's see: Mr. T is at Casa 303, finishing up a cup of coffee on the covered porch. Here's his view looking out our back door (yes, it was another rainy night in Georgia):

Me? I'm RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate)-ing my right foot at Casa 2244. Sigh. Only 3 weeks to go (you do realize that when the doctor said 4-6 weeks that I only heard the "4," right?). Wish I could report a miraculous recovery had happened, but no such luck. Still hurts. Dealing with it.

So, a division of labor has occurred based on current abilities: Mr. T (who can drive, lift, and carry) has inherited all the hard jobs. And me (who can sit, type, and talk)? I have inherited the Command Center. For instance...need new light bars for the bathrooms or some such? I place the order online and then track them down when they haven't arrived as promised (sigh); Mr T picks them up or makes sure he's at the house when the item is scheduled to be delivered (we are actually admitting the need to hire an electrician to install them, believe it or not). 

Another example? AC still not working properly after 3 house calls and a new compressor? My job was to contact the home warranty company...several times...wait on hold...143 minutes the last be told basically "we're sorry." Not satisfied with that answer, I figured out what my options were: (1) contact my realtor (who is the REAL customer, since she chose this warranty for our seller to purchase and she has contacts with their Marketing folks) and (2) take my case to social media. Even though Option 2 gave me personal satisfaction, the first option seems to have gotten the best result since the AC vendor decided to send someone else out for a look-see.  That meant Thomas was up to bat, meeting the AC guy and hanging around while they installed and tested a new evaporator...which seems to have finally done the trick.

So far, so good. We divide and conquer...and we have this little routine going. Here is our current life in a snapshot:

As we moved ever closer to our move-in date of August 30 (yes! We have an actual date!!), all of the projects that we have on our To Do Lists (yes! There are more than one!!) are getting checked off or are rushing toward due dates. The major-major project has always been the flooring (replacing a bit over 1000 square feet of vinyl and laminate floors with wood-look porcelain tile), and it is front-and-center now. 

Last Saturday, Mr. T was at 303 to receive delivery of all the items needed for the Tile Project to proceed. Here's a picture of the pallets in the garage:

With that, it was time to get on the schedule of the installers (8/16), and to schedule with the plumbers to uninstall the toilets for the day before (8/15). Check! Up next: schedule Stanley Steemer to clean the tile (construction residue) and the carpets for after the installation (8/25), and Merry/Molly Maids to do a pre-move-in cleaning (8/28). Check and double-check! Then we should be ready for the movers who arrive with our stuff 8/30. Triple-check!

Perfectly planned, right? Perfectly timed, right? All nailed down, right? Wrong!

Just like what happens if you try to nail Jello to a wall (got that visual in mind?), our perfect plan has oozed out of our grasp. The installation company called after 4:00 yesterday, wanting to move our install start date TODAY. Yikes! Which meant some fancy footwork had to be done about the plumber before 4:30...thank heavens they were still answering their phone!

And, once again, Mr. T had to battle the Sugarloaf Parkway morning traffic (remember ? Retired! We don't do traffic jams anymore if we can avoid them!) to get to Casa 303 and meet the installers Mo and Moose (I am not making those names up).  Here are some photos from the scene:

>Taking up the vinyl in the breakfast area (note: they have moved the stove)

>Painting the quarter rounds (which T is doing in the garage)

And me? I have to begin the process of rescheduling all those other appointments. 

Yep. Like nailing Jello to a wall.


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