Bell's Palsy Update - Week 15 Begins

October? Is it really October?! Good grief. I would never have believed you if you had told me on July 4th that I would still be doing these updates on Columbus Day. Sigh.

Of course, the big difference is that I doubted whether I'd fully recover around Labor Day, didn't I? Now? I know I will make it...even if I have to see another Holiday or two before I can put a period on The End of this tale.

Speaking of Holidays, I spent this one decorating for the next one...Halloween. Or, as I remember having to spell it in a fifth grade spelling bee: Hallow'e'en. Check out the dining room table in this picture.

A note about the pumpkin centerpiece: that's an heirloom "pie" pumpkin from Old Salem. We made it to Members Saturday weekend-before-last and picked this big, fat, dumpling to come home with us. I have a Black Cat decoration for October (shown) and a Turkey for November. I hope to harvest the seeds and save them for next year's garden...and maybe even get enough "meat" to make a pumpkin pie.

OK, time for my report...and the Documentation Photo.

I'm really doing well with my Bell's recovery. I can even manage a "half-toothed" smile, as my Speech Therapist says. Top teeth are visible on both sides of my mouth...hooray! My lower lip continues to have some paralysis, midline/left side...with just a touch left on the top/center. My eyebrow is almost completely back to normal, with just a bit of an issue with a lazy blink response in my left eye.

Speaking of eyes...I'll throw in an update on my right eye recovery from cataract surgery. Cover it all in one post, eh?

I think things are going well with that, too. I'm wearing my glasses (as I still need them for the left eye...and for the bifocals...and to provide some protection from light and debris), and I am pleased as punch with being able to see without the former hazy "window sheer" effect. I still have to use the drops (3 kinds, 3x of which gives me a brief headache), and I'm still super-sensitive to light. I see Dr. T on Thursday for my one-week checkup.

So, all in's good news all around!

About time, you might be saying. About d*mn time!


Documentation Photos, Day 105:
(sans makeup, which has been banned by the eye dr for this first week after surgery)

First, smile!

Then, big smile!!


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