Bell's Palsy Update - Four Months Later

I could go on and on...and on...about this misery known as Bell's Palsy, and about how confounded I am at having to write yet another update instead of an ending. About how certain I was that it would be just a lingering memory of a bad dream by now, instead of this continuing nightmare. About...well, you get my drift.

So, let's not dwell on the gloomy. Let's find some silver linings, how about it?

Silver lining #1: the damage that Bell's did to the left side of my face starting on June 24th is almost completely erased, four months later. My eyebrow is very nearly where it should line with the right eyebrow...and I can raise it "like normal." The drooping and sagging of my left eye have almost completely, thankfully I no longer give the appearance of having had a stroke. I can wink!

Silver Lining #2: my hearing is back to normal, and I have zero jaw pain. I don't have to rely on any meds specifically treating Bell's symptoms. Hooray!

Silver Lining #3: my speech is almost back to normal...just a bit of slurring with Ps, Bs, Fs, and Ss when I am tired...or when I try to talk too fast. When I smile, you can see and bottom. And, I can whistle!

Continuing with this whole weather metaphor, I have only a couple clouds to contend with:

Cloud #1: When I'm tired, my blink response in the left eye gets "lazy," for the lack of a better word. I must still use artificial tears several times daily...and remember to blink.

Cloud #2: I still struggle with eating "thick" foods like hamburgers and sub sandwiches. I have to either take sandwiches apart or smoosh the fat ones down. And I still must cut all foods into small bites, especially lettuce in salads. I just can't get my mouth open wide enough yet, nor do I have complete feeling back in my lower lip. My smile is lopsided still, and probably is the most telling reminder of the paralysis which once held the left side of my face hostage.

So it's now Silver Linings=3, Clouds=2. The score is tilting in my favor...finally. Both my Speech Therapist on Tuesday and my GP today assured me that The End is just around the corner; I should be able to put this all behind me when the Holidays are upon us. Three or four more weeks, "tops."

Let's hope I won't need to write too many more updates or publish too many more documentation photos.

Five (months) could just be the charm!

P. S. As enquiring minds might wish to know, my right eye continues to recover from cataract surgery with alacrity. I'll be hap, hap, happy when I can get my prescription lens updated, as I feel a bit wobbly while looking at the world through my old specs. That should happen in a couple of weeks.

Documentation Photos for Day #122


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