Well, I've got my Pirate on...again. Wearing the eye patch...again, only on my right eye this time.

Yep...had my cataract surgery today.

So, how did that go?

Here's what I shared with the Bros and SILs in an email tonight:

Well, glad that's done!

The surgery itself was much easier than I'd anticipated. The IV insertion, however, was every bit as traumatic as feared and then some. Oh well, me and my teeny, tiny uncooperative veins.

Since I had to be at the surgery center at 6:45 this morning, I was done by 9:00...and eating breakfast at Carolina's Diner by 9:30. All seemed well until we got home, and this massive softball-sized "headache" descended over my eye socket...and wouldn't go away, even with Advil and Tylenol.

Finally feeling better this evening. Eye is patched, so I can't tell anything about it. Dull remnant of headache. And my arms and hands and feet are tingling like they are "asleep." Not sure about that? See the dr at 8:00 tomorrow to remove eye patch. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing after that.

And, my Bell's Palsy continues to respond positively to my twice-weekly visits to the Speech Therapist. The End of this nightmare is just around the corner...I can just feel it.

As I wrote to (cousin) MAF and shared in conversation with MG pal JA recently, I won't know what to do with myself when I can (1) see clearly out of both eyes (no cataract; no Bell's Palsy), (2) speak clearly and eat properly (no Bell's), and (3) stand up straight for a change (no back or vertigo problems)!

A girl can dream, right?!


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