Hills and Valleys...Backslides and Rallies

Today is a good day.  It is a beautiful Summer's afternoon outside.  The flowers are blooming; the birds and butterflies are busy.  We even saw a baby cardinal at our window-feeder:  you can tell the baby ones because their bills/beaks haven't changed colors yet...still brownish instead of yellow-goldish.  Life is bubbling all around us.

After breakfast, Mr. T fixed a baggie of ice-cold watermelon chunks for me to take to N/M/E as her special request treat for the day.  "Don't forget my salt," she'd reminded me last night.  The last time I took her watermelon, I'd forgotten that essential item...essential to her, that is.  I, who over-salt everything else I eat, never use salt on my watermelon.  Go figure.


When I arrived around the lunch-tray time, I found Momma had a visitor.  CW, daughter of Mom's BFF AW, had stepped into the early morning visitation rotation slot, pinch-hitting for her ailing mother.  Way to go, C!  AW, who has been so very faithful in being there for coffee with Mom every, single morning, got put on the DL this past week with vertigo...my nemesis. Hoo boy...I felt her pain, as you can imagine.  I also told her that she could keep it...I don't want any part of that.  No. Way.

As Mr. T is preparing to head off to NJ for a week, I could feel the panic rising.  Momma had been having a good deal more break-through pain, especially in her back and under her rib-cage on the left side.  More pain.  Down to just one of us (that would be me!) in the Home Team visitation rotation. Should I hit the panic button?

No!  Not yet at least.  CW is there if/when I need her.  AW will be off the disabled list and back on the Home Team bench soon, as her vertigo is settling down (according to CW).  The All Stars (both brothers and their wives, plus Missy M) will begin gathering for the Holiday Weekend on Thursday, when Mr. T will also return.

And, most importantly, the doctors and nurses at Hospice have recognized that Momma's not feeling as well as she was.  Without my having to ask them, they adjusted her meds (mainly the steroid, I found out) to better-manage the pain.  Go Medical Staff!

This is all so new for me...having the medical folks step in and just do what needs to be done, without my having to make a case for it to anyone. 

So, after a little backslide as Momma called it, she has put her Rally Cap on...yet again.  How can that be anything but a good day?

P.S. Yes, I do use a few too many sports-related terms:  Rally Cap.  Pinch-hitting.  DL/Disabled List.  Bench.  Rotation.  Team.  Well, if you know my Momma, you know she loves her sports.  So, just run with it...:)


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