Today's post is about the changes we are experiencing.  First of all, the weather has changed...for the better, if you want my opinion.  The temps have moderated...well, if you call dropping from the mid-90's to the mid-80's as "moderating."  I do.  As if in solidarity with the degrees, the humidity has also dropped.  No longer does it feel like a wet blanket thrown over your head when you walk outside.  Breathing is easier.

Hospice Home of High Point

More importantly, we have seen some positive changes for Nana/Momma/Edith.  As of last Thursday morning, she moved to Room 101 at Hospice Home of High Point.  Since then, she has adjusted to the medications that are now being delivered through a "port" instead of by mouth, her pain is being well-managed, and she is comfortable in her new surroundings. She expresses love for all the people who are caring for her...and they love her, too.  She is calm and rests easily. The changes for her are more than we could have imagined, given our experience of last Tuesday and Wednesday.

[I think I said in my last post that Mom was going to Respite Care on Thursday, but we realized that was no longer appropriate for her, following a swift decline since her falls on the previous Monday.  One call to her Hospice at Home nurse paved the way for the move to the Hospice Home.  I cannot say enough good things about this organization...they are wrapping our whole family in their tender, loving care, and giving us all what we need at this time.]

It truly has been a family affair.  Brother T (who has been with us since last week) organized our family schedule so that we could have someone in Mom's room around the clock, until she stabilized and adjusted to her new location.  When Brother J and SIL J arrived on Thursday, they were able to pull a double-shift to fill in for my absence while Mr. T had his surgery on Friday (he's recovering here at home, fighting a touch of fever, but otherwise doing well).  And, what would we do without our dear friend (Mom's BFF...:) AW?  She stays all night...she comes early in the morning...she's there for us when we need her.

I had a chance to speak to the MD/Director this morning, and he was pleased with Mom's responses.  He says that the next 7-10 days are important ones, and that they will maintain Mom on the present course unless things start to move in a different direction.

A friend recently recommended that I read the Hospice books.  I didn't know what she meant at the time, but I have since been introduced to the excellent "Gone From My Sight" booklet, inspired by the poem of the same name.  There are signs along the way, and we search for them at every opportunity. 

But, I did notice something about myself this morning.  Even though I asked Dr. P. where he thought we were (in the journey), I really am gradually relinquishing the over-reaching need I have to know. It's becoming more a desire just to be.

Talk about your changes...


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