Let's Begin Twenty-Ten

It's the first full week of the New Year.  As is most of the country, we are experiencing a Cold Snap here in the Piedmont of NC.  As I write this post, the Magnificent Seven Squirrels are having a fab time in the feeders (yes, there are 7 of them at once in the backyard...:), storing up for the predicted evening snow that is currently making its way across the mountains.  That photo to the left is from Missy M, who writes that she still had to go to work this morning anyway.  B-r-r-r-r-r.

I think this is one of my favorite times of the year.  The Holidays are behind us...along with severely hectic schedules.  Spring, with all its wonder and work, is far ahead of us.  This lull before Lent is just right for catching my breath and doing a little catching up.  So, let me get started already!  (I can't even do s-l-o-w slowly...:)

Before I get going with what's happenin' now, I should close the files on the Finished Objects for 2009.  As I said in an earlier post, my needles were clicking on several gifts (pictured to the right).  I knitted up yards and yards of 4-stitch I-cords for 8 Knitted Necklaces.  The knitting was really easy (almost boring) and could be done mindlessly while the football games were on TV.  I purchased pretty metal, wood, and glass pendants and got silver clasps and charms for accents.  The hardest part was attaching the findings, which I didn't have to do, but which I wanted to add for a little more pizazz. No fingernails left after that.

I also knitted a belt for SIL J, using tee-niney US 1 needles (think:  tooth picks) on sock yarn, then attached D-rings and a brass-toned charm, following a pattern from a box of To Go knitting patterns she had given me last Christmas.  Turn about is fair play, right.

And, then, the "fun" stuff.  I made these neat Ice Scraper mitts for the Men in My Life (T, J, and T) + one for Missy M and one for moi.  The Encore yarn (75/25 blend and in "school colors") is a much better choice than the recommended all-wool yarn, because...hey, news flash:  Ice Scrapers get wet!  The hardest part of this gift?  Finding enough ice scrapers; I bought all that the local Ace Hardware had.  Cornered the market.  Good thing too, since the Weather Channel says we're gonna need'em.

And, last but not least.  Missy M's Ripple Waves Afghan in her new furniture colors of cream, olives, and teal (the red is from the afghan draped on the chair)...and the Duck, Duck, Goose Socks.  That's a shot of her and Ella Rae (right) enjoying the new fu (our family name for an afghan...don't know where it came from, altho N/M/E says that's what I called my blanket when I was a tot) when they were still here at Christmas. She's gonna need that blankie and those socks (left) tonight, too, as she just called to say that she now has about 3" of snow, more or less, and still falling.

OK...that's about it for the FO Round-up.  As for what's on the needles now, I just finished the second sleeve on Mr. T's Shawl Collar Sweater.  It was the last piece left...and I'd lost it in the move...yikes!  Found it the other day...whew!!  Now, it's all about the blocking and assembling.  So, I guess you can still call it an Unfinished Object (UFO)...technically.

Other UFO's:   I did a few rows on my Woven Stitch Scarf (which I also "found" recently).  That one required more thinking than I was able to muster, as I was recovering from a particularly nasty bout with an intestinal virus.  Virus 1 - Patricia 0.  I was fine when I got up last Friday morning...queasy by noon...and KO'ed by three.  Took a day to get the fever down...and several more for me to be able to face solid food again.  But, right as rain now, thank goodness.

After yarn crawls to High Point, Greensboro (see photo, left, of Stitch Point), and Charlotte with Missy M over the Holidays, my stash is bulging with new and intriguing yarns and patterns.  Which to choose?  I decided on a rayon-with-copper-thread yarn called Water Hyacynth and a shawl pattern called Entwined Shoulder Shawl that I got at Charlotte Yarn.  I really fell in love with that shop, located in the Dilworth historic neighborhood, and will return...if I can borrow the GPS to help me find my way there again. And, I think this will be the perfect shawl for N/M/E to wear at her 90th birthday party...more on that later.

OK...gotta run to the store.  Bread and milk, you know.  Snow's a'coming!


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