The Spirit of Christmas

It's really beginning to look like Christmas around here.  Inside as well as out.  As I've said before, I hadn't really done any indoor decorating to speak of since we were going to go out-of-town for the Christmas Holidays.  "Change of plans" that I wrote about in my last post changed all of that.  So, back up into the attic (with assistance to lift the boxes and carry the stuff back down the stairs, this time...:) for the Christmas china to set the table.  There's a shot of the result (left).

About the centerpiece...N/M/E's BFF AW sent us a beautiful Lenox china-bowl centerpiece, complete with gold candles, red roses, and green pine and holly, right after Thanksgiving.  The flowers and greenery lasted for nearly three weeks and provided us with the only festive decoration for the dining room.  But, when the plans changed, I realized that we needed to refresh the centerpiece.  Got a red carnation and white daisy-and-mum bouquet at the grocery to replace the roses.  Used the same bowl and candles, along with the pine boughs.  Perfect!

About the wine glasses...those are the first 8 Days of Christmas patterns from Waterford.  We were fortunate enough to see them displayed in the Waterford company store when we were in Ireland a couple of years ago.  Waterford has issued two new patterns each year for the past 4 years, and Santa T has made sure the newest issued patterns have been under the tree each year.  We used them at Thanksgiving this year since we didn't think we would be able to use them for Christmas.  Anyway, as there will only be four of us for Christmas dinner, I used the other 4 glasses as candle-holders, with raw rice serving as the "anchor" for the candles.

About the Christmas, it's not a "fine china" pattern.  We could use N/M/E's fine china, which is the Lennox Pine pattern, and would be just perfect for the Holidays.  But, I prefer to deck the table with the last gift I received from my Daddy...a set of tableware he got at the last place he worked, Central Hardware.  We've even kept them in the original boxes, which we threaten to replace every year...and certainly after every move.  That's a picture of the pattern on the ramekins (he absolutely loved to say that word...ramekins...:), as well as one of the Central Hardware tag.  Even in as poor a shape as those boxes are, we haven't lost a single dish...and the tableware has lasted nearly 20 years longer than the store did.  Still don't know why Central Hardware bit the was a great store.  The home depot before The Home Depot.  Anyway, when I get these dishes out every year, I feel as if Daddy is still with us.  I also use the needlework coasters that his sister, my Aunt Polly, made...and I hang that No-Sew Quilted ornament that cousin Betty Jean made for us years ago. So, even though they are gone...they are with us.  The Spirit of Christmas, indeed.

Speaking of getting into the Spirit of Christmas...

Looks like a great movie line-up for Christmas Eve: The Bishop's Wife, Christmas in Connecticut, and the "old" Christmas Carol (1938 version). We watched the CC version with George C. Scott two nights ago, and then the one with Patrick Stewart last night. Had Missy M's copy of Dicken's novel handy to check how closely the various versions stick to the book. Even watched the Disney version...and the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol, both of which have elements of the classic dialogue and are family favorites. Have watched Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, and White Christmas several times already. Love 'em all, especially the old ones.  Watched the Santa Clause's 1 & 2 and a couple of the Home Alone movies, but don't get the same feeling from them...and, don't even mention silly stuff like A Christmas Story or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  I'll change the channel to reruns of baseball before I'll watch either one of those.

Well, I'm off to the grocery store...second time this week.  Got to pick up a bottle of Riesling to brine the turkey breast in.  And another dozen eggs, so we can make the traditional Breakfast Casserole.  I'm sure there will be quite a few folks out-and-about today, Christmas Eve.  At least I'm not headed to the Missy M and Mr. T.  They always have Father-Daughter shopping to do...and usually wait until the Very. Last. Minute.

While we were having breakfast, Missy M brought out the doggie decorations.  Gus (left) was willing to wear the antlers so I could get a picture...although, he does look like "would you hurry up so I can take these things off?"

Ella rarely stands still long enough, but I got this one of her in her antlers complete with little red bows(right).  Elmo ducked out of the room, and Duchess just gave us a scathing look:  "you must be kidding...I'm not wearing those...they are undignified."

Happy Christmas Eve!


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