I Heard the Wind Change

I was just finishing up my second cup of coffee this morning. I had fed the pups (who got up extra-early today...bless 'em), read my email, and answered the ones that needed attention. I had just begun to read USA TODAY online. Then I saw the little notification box pop down from the top of my iPad screen: ALERT: Winter Storm Advisory!

What? It's a beaUtiful day...blue skies, sun shining, doggies rampaging through the Way Back with joyful abandon. OK, so it is a bit cold, and the fireplace does feel awfully good this morning. But "winter storm?" You've got to be kidding me.

In less than a minute, I received an instant message from Missy M with a picture attached:

Looks like the Winter Storm had already visited The Ville today! A Facebook posting by a cuz in Portland, TN, showed they had a dusting of snow, too...and another cuz in Memphis mentioned flurries there. 

Granted, the folks in Northern Kentucky probably just shrugged. They had a similar dump of the white flakes just last week, when we got this picture from M...taken the morning after the workers had finished installing her new roof. As I posted on Facebook..."Timing is everything," said Mr. T!

We in HPNC dodged a bullet during that last round of snow-on-the-ground storms, but it appears from the News 2 weather app's "future" feature that we may be in for some kind of precip late this afternoon into this evening. And I just ate the last of the loaf for toast...ha!

Still, I was having trouble connecting what I was seeing out the Morning Room window (blue skies, etc.) with what the weather wonks are predicting. And then...

I heard it. I literally heard the wind change directions. It shifted from southwest to north-by-northwest. Almost simultaneously, both weather vanes...the small one on the garden shed in the back yard and the big "windmill" one in the center of the Way Back that we call The Derrick, screeched in protest as they swung around to point in northerly directions. Wind out of the North? Yep...I think this storm may mean business. 

Forget that third cup of coffee. I'm headed to the grocery. Gotta make the bread-and-milk run!


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