And She's Off!

It's that time of year when folks feel the need to make resolutions of one kind or another. I have always maintained that any "new year" resolutions need to be made when it is truly a new in, when it's your birthday: the beginning of a new year in your life. 


I did a little work in the garden this past week...not a whole lot, because it has either been raining or too cold. But the end result: sore muscles and a back pain or two...owing mainly to the fact that I haven't done much of anything for a couple of months, so those muscles aren't used to being called upon. Not good. Can't let this trend continue for three more months, until Spring arrives, or else I'll become vulnerable to more than just a little back pain. I need to devote some time each day to exercising those muscles I will want to be limber, stretched, and ready to use.

Unfortunately, I hate to exercise. There, I've said it. Exercise just to be exercising? Blah. I'd much rather spend my time knitting...or reading...or writing...or doing just about ANYTHING ELSE. Except maybe housework. Ahem.

Now, I have this wonderful recumbent stationary bicycle, all set up in our bedroom. Aimed at our TV, no less, where I can watch a good basketball game or catch up on programs I have recorded. There's also a "shelf" designed to accommodate my iPad, as well as an outlet designed to accommodate my iPod. It also has the ability to access iFit programming, although I've never used that. Still. Too good to be true. And I love riding it...feels so comfortable, with very little back-related strain. So why don't I use it? 

No good reason. No, I don't mean that I don't have a good reason for NOT using it. I mean, I don't have a good reason FOR using it. You know me: I need a good reason to do almost anything I do...or I won't do it. And, while needing to exercise to keep muscles limber and stretched is a good reason, it's just not a good motivating reason to keep using it...if you get my drift.

But I think I've got it now!

I was riding my stationary bike (hereafter just "my bike," since it's the only one I own) today, watching an episode of "Foyle's War" I'd captured on the DVR. I've seen those fitness programs where you can dial in a "route" and see video of riding through a lovely countryside on a sunny day. Was thinking that was a possible solution, but it still didn't feel very purposeful. 

As my odometer turned over 6 miles I got to thinking: wonder where I'd be if I'd biked 6 miles from home? And since my goal today was 9 miles in 45 minutes, I wondered where that would put me? That got me to thinking...what if I managed 50 miles in a week (doable)...for 52 weeks (possible, with some averaging)...where would that get me? 2600 miles from home, that's where! And where is that, you also might wonder?

Disneyland! In Anaheim, CA!! Yep, I Google-mapped it, using the BIKE feature, and lo and's exactly 2600 miles (by one of the bike routes) from my house to the Disneyland Transportation Center.

So, I'm off! I will report periodically on how far I've gone...where I am...etc. I plan on tweeting and posting updates on Facebook, too. All bases covered! And I invite you to ask me about my "trip." That will be a motivator for me.

Today I rode 9.1 miles, which puts me on High Point Road in Kernersville. 

Here's my stop for the day, Union Cross Moravian Church, which has been in existence since the first service in the area in August, 1893. Read more about it here:

Why that route and not my original goal of the Sandy Ridge Exit/entrance onto I-40, which I was thinking would be my road-of-choice to cross the USA? Well, you can't ride a bicycle on an interstate. So, Google and its source, Rails-to-Trails, have taken that into consideration when providing directions to bike across the country.

Stay tuned to find out #WhereintheUSAisPatricia?


Estelle's said…
Hi Patricia! I wanted to tell you that I made your cheesecake recipe over the holidays! It was a hit with everyone! Thank you ever so much for sharing! Hope y'all have a wonderful and healthy New Year!

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