What a Week!

Happy to report we are still hugging tightly to our little piece of the Earth. With all the wild weather we have been having this week, we could easily have lost our footing and been blown away!

Forget Hurricane Season. (OK, I know we in NC can't actually "forget about it" until November.) This has been Straight Line Winds territory. Clocked at over 40 mph on Monday and an amazing 60+ mph on Thursday, the winds have not been our friends. Throw in some hail and flash-flooding rains, and you got yourself one scary Spring weather combination.

Can you find the low spot in our back yard in this shot? You can also tell that it has been too wet to mow or weed.

And then there is this one from the Row Garden Monday evening. Looks like we are raising the squash and melons (right) and the beans (left) hydroponically. Water, water everywhere...

You may have visited our garden blog, Gardening with the Giants, and read of the Miracle of the Corn: high winds on Monday flattened the entire patch...and then the stalks apparently righted themselves by Thursday...and wonder-of-wonders, they escaped any real damage in Thursday afternoon's storms. Counting our blessings...as well as the coming kernels...:-)

Anyway, we are enjoying an absolutely gorgeous Friday...blue skies, low humidity, lower temps, and no storms in the forecast for today. Hooray!  A mild finish to a wild week. And a perfect day for a drive in the country...or a drive THROUGH the country maybe...:-)

Yes, our plans are to head over the mountains and through the toll booths to Missy M's house we'll go...dogs included. We are postponing our departure by a day since Duche$$ developed some last minute  problems, but thankfully those seem to be abating. Still, we did NOT want to travel with a sick dog...no, no, no!

And we will no sooner get to Looeyvul, when I'll get back in a car and head to TN with Missy M on Sunday. (Mr. T won't be joining us, as his knee can handle just so many miles...and he's over his limit for this week. So, he's been volunteered to be dog-sitter for a day...:-)  We are going to Dickson to Cousin A's 105th Birthday party! Whoopie!!

Now that's an adventure worth shouting about.


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