A Week Away

Has it really been nine months since we were here in Looeyvul? Yes...yes, it has. Hard to believe. Seems like just a few weeks ago I got to see the magnolia in the front yard blooming...and here it is a-bloom again. Lovely...

We are currently dog- and house-sitting for Missy M while she's attending a conference in California. The news we are getting from San Jose is good...in spite of the awful, terrible, horrible experience she had in getting there from here on a rainy Monday. [Think Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.] Here's a shot she messaged from a side trip to Zelda's in Capitola Beach, CA. (Special of today: Maine Lobster...:-)  She put her toes in the Pacific and said "it is cold!"

And despite a bump or two in the road, we are having a decent week here in Derby Town.

Bump 1: Thomas is still recovering from his knee surgery and related issues. He's got a long Daddy-Do List to get through before M returns tomorrow night, so he is pushing himself. When the heat forces us inside (like the 92 degrees this afternoon), he usually pops an ice pack on to combat the swelling. He is also dealing with some fluid buildup, so he will have lots to discuss with his doctor next week. Big sigh. 

Bump 2: I spent the first couple of days or so trying to outrun yet another ear infection...third this year, in case you're counting. Haven't had that many ear infections since...well, never. Biggest worry with an ear infection for me? That it deteriorates into an inner ear infection...and morphs into a vertigo episode. Fortunately, I had the meds from the last go-round, so was able to dodge that bullet. Unfortunately, I missed Cousin A's big birthday bash in TN...didn't think I needed to bring her a "gift" of germs. Heard it was a "good time had by all" kind of a day. Double sigh.

So, even with a couple of hiccups, Mr. T and I are enjoying spending time together...having early morning coffee on the deck, watching the birds at the feeders...well, until one or more of the five dogs chases them away, that is. The dogs...ah, yes...the FIVE dogs. That probably says it all right there.

It is a little like a vaca. It's still light here late, since da 'Ville is on the westernmost edge of the Eastern time zone. Wine at 9:00, anyone?!  We checked out Frank Otte's, a local Garden Center fantastique and found Breadworks, a neat neighborhood bakery for bagels and coffee on Wednesday...a treat for the two of us who are rarely in the same city mid-week. I finished Dan Brown's latest novel, Inferno, as well as Dorothea Benton Frank's Last Original Wife.  Stayed up until 4:00 this morning reading that last one...and I really can't do that anymore. No, no, no.

We still have a thing or two up our sleeves. Missy M has planned a couple of vacation days next week, so we'll get to spend some time with her before we head back to HPNC. A new restaurant? A matinee movie maybe? Also hoping to meet up with Bro T and SIL LaD for breakfast while here, since we are in the same area code.

All-in-all, a good week at our home away from home.


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