I created a Tribute Album to share at Nana/Momma/Edith's services, and I am doing my very best to try to share it with all of you. I hope you will be able to just simply click and find it (below)...but we all know there is nothin' simple about following technical directions on embedding code that were written by technical folks for us semiliterate-techies. Where, oh where, is my Instructional Designer Daughter when I need her??

For some reason, when the album loads (if it loads...:), it begins inside on Page 1.  So, you don't get to see the front cover.  Try clicking the left arrow to make it move back one "page."  There is an automatic play option, and it will even allow you to select "looping" so you can see it all over again.  Also, do use the "Full Screen" option in the upper right portion of the window to see the pictures a bit better.  [You can hit the ESC key to return to the regular screen after you are through viewing.]  Best o' luck on seeing the print, though...I can't read it, and I created the thing!  Trust me, if I could change it I would, but that isn't something I can control. Just put your own words to the pictures...or write me, if you have questions about any of them.

Here goes:

Well, I do hope it worked OK for you, and that you enjoyed it as much as I loved creating it. A labor of love, from start to finish, I assure you.

Up next, the Tribute DVD I made for the services.  I don't have enough physical copies to go around, so I'm trying to post it in an appropriate location to share.  I'll let you know...

Wish me luck!


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