See Seven States in Eight Days!

Let's see...what has kept me from blogging lately, you might ask?  Been on the road again, I might answer.

To recap...

Started in North Carolina, where Autumn was in all her glory (see the photo of our Hickory trees in back). Headed to Kentucky via Virginia and West Virginia.  Left Kentucky, returning to NC via Tennessee.  Left NC, going to Georgia via South Carolina.  Returned to North Carolina.  Collapsed on floor from exhaustion.

It all started last week with a call from Missy M.  Elmo, the youngest Basset member of the Drool Gang, who now lives in Louisville with Ella Rae and Missy M, had just been diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes (a very scary, but fairly common malady to the Basset breed, unfortunately).  As he required three kinds of eye drops, three times a day...and had a couple of follow-up vet appointments during the week...not to mention needing some extra TLC during the work-day hours, M wondered if I could put my Nurse/Nanny hat on and come to KY.  Of course, I was out of the door without hesitation. 

Well, that's not exactly accurate, since I always hesitate when I have to leave N/M/E...but Mr. T came to the rescue, promising to arrange his work schedule so that he'd be at home as much as possible.  And, where would we be without good friend AW, who doesn't seem to miss a beat in adding "drive Miss Edith to the doctor" to her weekly rounds? Gotta love'em!

Good news:  Elmo is responding well to the meds and has had a great report from the Vet/Opthalmologist. The pressure in both of his eyes has dropped substantially below the high levels of just a week ago.  He might even be able to see a bit out of his right eye (although he's probably never going to regain sight in his left).  He still has to have the eyedrops, but Missy M is great at administering them.  A real pro.  Me?  Not so good at that, actually, since I managed to miss both of his eyes with all of the drops...having to resort to using a tissue to mop up the (extremely expensive) liquid as it ran down his sweet face and try to get some of it back on his eyelids...hoping for cure by osmosis, I suppose. 

Then, as the Dr. said it was OK to board the pups, since Elmo was doing so well, we continued with our originally scheduled plan of going to the Gatlinburg for the weekend (see photo of Missy M's new car, a Honda Insight...headed to the Glamour Slammer...complete with Bobble Head Ella Rae hanging out the back window. 

This weekend had been planned around the UMemphis/UTenn football game.  Don't want to talk about that, except to say:  if I ever hear the song Rocky Top again, it will be way too soon.  If you can make out the photo of the stadium (left), you will see that we were seated directly over the UT band, which had way too many opportunities to play their favorite tune.  Sigh. 

The color in the mountains was "past peak" as they say, as you can see in the photo (right)...very different from what Mr. T and I observed during our September trip. Our hotel room had a lovely balcony, from which we could see the Ober Gatlinburg Tram and the rushing Little Pigeon river.  I thoroughly enjoyed our short time there, as always.  Of course, lots of other folks were in the mountains, enjoying their time there, too.  On Sunday, we joined the multitude on the path to Cherokee (as we can no longer take I-40 into NC due to the destruction caused by a recent rock slide).  The photo to the left shows our view on 441:  tail-lights, as far ahead as one could see.

Home again...for a whole night.  Then, repacked my bag to head to ATL for a couple of days.  Hurricane Ida and I got there about the same time.  Let's just say...I don't think there is a deficit of rainfall in GA anymore.

Home again, home again yesterday...bringing Ida along with me.  Rough drive.  Thought it would never end.  Glad to be here, safe and sound.  Had over 3.6 inches in the rain gauge this morning...and a little lake in the back yard.  Also, all those lovely leaves that were on our trees?  Now on the ground (right).

Will be making a quick up-and-back trip to WV tomorrow to meet Missy M for a dog exchange.  She's got work to do that requires some travelling...and we would rather have the whole Drool Gang here with us.  More the merrier! 

Then, we're looking forward to a few days around the house to get ready for our family Thanksgiving, when we'll be joined by Missy M, along with Brother and SIL J & J.  A little more unpacking...a little more decorating...with a little more knitting in between.  I love this time of the year, don't you?


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