Family, Food, and Football...It Must be Thanksgiving!

After a l-o-n-g week of working on the boxes in the garage, we took a break from unpacking to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I hope each and every one of you has been blessed with much to be thankful for this year.  My own list would include:
  1. My family...gathered around our dining room table...and the relatively good health we all enjoy.  This was our first meal in the dining room of our NC home, and we were thrilled to set places for Missy M, as well as Brother and SIL J&J.  We had a lovely day together...and even though Brother T and SIL LaD couldn't join us this year and M had to return home with her pups on Saturday, we were able to meet J&J for a farewell breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Sunday for a bit more fun.  The camera...set on timer...took that photo (right) of us.  I'll be sure to follow Mr. T's suggestion to use the flash next time to even out all those shadows.
  2. A bountiful harvest...including the potatoes from Missy M's garden...and groaning sideboard.  We served all the usual Turkey Day dishes:  turkey, dressing (which we made in the crock-pot again...a very moist way to prepare it), glazed ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, cranberry sauce, relish tray, rolls and gravy...followed by cheesecake and/or pecan pie for dessert.  The only hitch in the whole day came when the oven (which came with the house) decided to start issuing error codes (?!?) and then burn everything inside...fortunately, this occurred when the casseroles were being heated, with the only real casualties being the tops and bottoms of those dishes and the rolls.  I guess next Thanksgiving I'll be thankful for a new oven...?  Oh well...
  3. A happy ending to the saga of our move from MO.  This time last year saw us in a tizzy, preparing to make the move to NC, which turned out to be even more trying than we had, I'm three times thankful that this is all behind us...and that we are all still smiling...and still speaking to each other...!
OK, that covers the "family" and the "food."  What about the "football?" 

On Saturday...which was an absolutely gorgeous day...Mr. T and I headed to Durham for the Duke and Wake Forest "rivalry" game (left).  The Methodists vs. the Baptists, so to speak.  Sad to report that the Blue Devils allowed the Demon Deacons to take the lead...and they never got it back.  Sigh.  At least we had fun in the sun.

I absolutely adore the Duke campus.  With all the stone buildings and arched and leaded windows, this is one of the prettiest spots in the state.  As we were walking back to our car, I took this shot (right) of the Duke Chapel, which is stunning inside and out.  (Yes, that is the moon you see...:)  We went there to hear Handel's Messiah when we lived here before, and I'll never forget how moving that performance was.  Suggestion:  if you do go, be sure to take a sweater...those stone floors can make the space a bit nippy, shall we say.

While Missy M was here, we got to a couple of yarn shops (Knit Picky in Winston-Salem and This 'n That in Greensboro).  Good time of year to go pet some fibre, for sure! 

On our way home from Winston, I took the exit for Old of our favorite places.  We didn't have a whole lot of time, but I found a parking space right in front of Winkler's Bakery, so we joined the crowd inside.  OMG.  What wonderful, yummy smells!  M stocked up on Moravian Cookies (in the tins), and then we got some sugar cakes, still warm from the oven.  I took this photo of the goodies along with my Cat's Meow of Winkler's, which I've had for years.  Still special.

Several have asked about Elmo's eyes.  I'm happy to report that he's doing much better.  Missy M took him to his follow-up vet visit today and reported that the pressure is still below those high numbers he registered when the glaucoma started.  Can he see out of both eyes?  Well, that's still up-in-the-air, as he doesn't really respond appropriately to the gestures that the vet tests him with.  The verdict:  M still has to administer the three kinds of eye drops, as the vet wants to maintain the progress he's made.  Of course, at this rate, they are going to have to start going to the vet in an armored truck...too bad M can't get Elmo on her health insurance.

When all the pups were here with us, I took this shot of The Boyz:  Elmo, Mr. T, and Gus (right).  Thought it was so cute.  Can you see the logo on his shirt?  It's for Binford Tools...motto:  Real Men Don't Read Instructions.  Ahem.  Got that one on a trip to Disney World. more ways than one, wouldn't you say?

About a half a second after I snapped that shot, Ella Rae jumped up in the middle, as you see in the other photo (left).  What a little imp!  The boys look like " she comes again."

Yes, we had a wonderful weekend.  And, now we are in the middle of decorating the house for the Christmas Holidays.  The garage will just have to wait a little longer, I suppose.

We got the outside lights, etc., up and out yesterday before the sprinkles arrived.  Good thing, too, as today has been drab and dreary...chilly and wet.  I did get the candles in the windows this morning, so I'll be ready to post some photos tomorrow.

Be good!  Remember, Santa's watching!


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