Pond Update

Check it out! We had a bloom on one of the water lilies this week. The photo (left) shows off the flower in all of its glory.

I've been intrigued by this bloom, to say the least. It was a "pod" for over a week, teasing us with the possibility, but giving no indication of the color (the package had said "white"...:). Then, on the first day of blooming, it began to open about 8:00 a.m. It was at full bloom by about 10:00 a.m. And, it was tightly closed again by no later than 2:00 p.m.! This process repeated for 4 days. I was glad that I got this pic on Day 3! (Online research said that day blooming water lilies would bloom for only 3 days, so we were apparently lucky.) No sign of a bloom on the other lily, but I continue to monitor it closely.

In addition to the blooming lily, we have had an explosion in the fish population! You might remember that I said we had 10 "new" fishies? Um...I mis-counted...not too hard when the objects of your census are swimming around! There were actually 12!! Plus the "original" 3 big ones, that makes 15, right? Wellllll. When feeding the flock the other day, I noticed some swishing going on at the bottom of the pond and saw a baby goldfish! And, where there is one...yep, I've seen at least 2 more "black" ones (although as they age, they seem to change from black to gold or mostly gold, with a little black and white). So, as of last count, we have some 18 fish: big ones, medium "junior" ones, and little "baby" ones. The photo (right) shows the big gold one ("Goldy Spawn") and several of the junior goldies. (Since the three remaining junior "black" ones are about the same color of the water, you wouldn't be able to see them anyway.) Stay tuned!

BTW, be sure to check out the newest album on our My Photoworks.com Share Page (link is over there <<<<---left column). I got those photos from the disposable camera we had at the Missouri Botanical Garden developed this week and most were pretty good. Well, except those two with "someone's" thumb in the viewfinder...just ignore those. Anyway, there are several of the Niki statues throughout the garden along with the remaining Chihuly (glass) sculptures that the Garden purchased after the recent exhibit (one is the chandelier in the lobby; one is a sunshine-ray over a gate...and over my head in one photo...:). Still, my favorite pic is this photo (left) of Mr. T. in the boxwood garden where the jumping fountains are at play. Tee hee.


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