FO and UFO Report

Look at that...the calendar is ready to change to a new month, which will bring us another Fall Season. Before I flip the page to September, I thought I would report on the state of Finished and Unfinished Objects in the ol' knitting basket(s):

FO's include:

  • Nana/Momma/Edith's Cornflower Blue Pullover (photo to the left) - I finished it up this week, and N/M/E is happy as can be (both because she loves the sweater and that it is finished!).

    I used the beautiful Queensland Bebe CotSoy yarn in Color #1, a cornflower blue. This yarn is 50% organic cotton, 50% soy...and 100% soft! As I've said before, N/M/E is allergic to wool, so I am always alert to non-sheepie fiber. I have 6 balls in blue left over (better to have too much than not enough, right?), which I plan to use for a baby sweater or two...using a pattern that Missy M shared with me from a book she purchased on her last trip here.

    I also used my favorite Oat Couture pattern called "Metro Pullover." Well, as I've said before, I modified my favorite pattern. This yarn's gauge is 5.5 stitches per inch versus the pattern's recommended 5 stitches per inch. Ho hum...get out the calculator. And, N/M/E liked the Metro Pullover I made for myself so much that she kept saying she wanted hers to be "just like yours." I did add the cable down the front (instead of the pattern's suggested false button placket), but I choose a different cable pattern. And, I made her sleeves a bit longer since she is so cold-natured. She's going to wear her new sweater with some white linen pants on our upcoming trip to Tennessee.

  • Sailor-Collared Baby Sweater and Cap - I finished up this little gift set late last night. It was a pleasure to knit, as the yarn (Bambino Four Season's Grundl in #33 yellow and baby boy blue) is so soft. It's 50% wool, 30% nylon, and 20% cotton...or, at least I think that's what the ball wrapper says, since my German is practically non-existent. I bought this yarn online from Herrschner's on sale, and found that the gauge from my swatch on US 7's matched the recommended gauge from a Crystal Palace (credited) pattern from my 2008 Calendar box for a Sailor Collar Sweater. (NOTE: I have yet to find a pattern in this box that doesn't require creative license, shall we say? This one was no different, with several mistakes and unnecessarily difficult directions. Sigh.) Since I had so much yarn left over, I decided to knit up a hat to match, using the seed stitch border and the stripe pattern. I imagine that this set will go to ... oh wait, it's a gift! Mustn't spoil it...:)

UFO's include:

  • Two scarves that are gifts, so I'll not say anymore about them yet.
  • One pair of socks pour moi, using the Maizy (corn fibre) yarn in colorway "Miami Nice." If I can finish the second sock (why does the 2nd sock always take so long...hmmmm...?), they should go nicely with my new Teal Summer Sweater which I finished for the Ravelympics recently.
  • Too many crocheted baby blankets that I've started but put aside in favor of knitted sweaters. Too. many. Maybe I'll work on one of these on my upcoming trip? We'll see.

Time to close for today. It's a sunny, 86 degree day here...which means that outdoor projects are calling. I'll be on the road for a few days so I'd better make hay while the sun shines, huh? Or rather...dig iris for dividing and mulch the roses and pull some weeds in the Contemplation Garden and...and...and


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