Holidays are Here!

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...well, maybe not a normal Christmas in the Adsit household, but Christmas nonetheless! Even though we are in the throes of an impending move from NC  (to where? when?), we (OK, I...) still had to put the few decorations that escaped the Estate Sale as well as being packed in the Pod into service at Casa 3917 to bring us good cheer. Must keep as many of the family traditions as possible, even in the transition...

Our 2016 Christmas Tree...AKA the Foyer Coat Rack

Rudy and Rhonda Reindeer - wearing Missy M's Christmas-past PJ's
Stockings are hung by the Chimney!
Thanksgiving Cactus in full-bloom
Christmas Teddy Bear Parade in the "Playroom"

Christmas Memories of Loved Ones on the Mantle

And, let us not forget the tradition of our annual Adsit Adventure Christmas Newsletter whichI have been doing since 1976. While we are all discombobulated with the downsizing move (where is the laptop? where is the printer? where are the cables to connect the two? where is the cardstock to print the newsletter? where is the new color cartridge for the printer?), we (OK, I...) still had to do one. It's tradition, after all!

Here's what made it into the Christmas cards this year...Volume #41 of our Christmas Newsletter:

Hoping you and yours have had a happy, healthy, and prosperous year!

2016 was another "Adsit Adventure" for us, to say the least: Thomas retired from Mitsubishi Fuso in February, we took an Alaskan Cruise to celebrate our 40th anniversary in May, and we began the downsizing transition by packing up the boxes and putting our NC house on the market in October. The adventure continues with a trip to the 2016 Popeyes Bahamas Bowl in Nassau in December, courtesy of daughter Maredith (who was awarded her trip when she received one of the Popeyes corporate Purpose and Principle awards called "Coach and Develop")! Whew!

As 2016 comes to a close, we find ourselves betwixt and between...spending Christmas Eve on a foreign shore, with fingers crossed (toes, too!) for the sale of our NC house. So, Volume #41 of our annual newsletter, "The Adsit Adventure" was a bit briefer...and I bet you thought I couldn't do "brief!"'s a bit unusual; also packed the same well-wishes for love, peace, and joy to you and yours!

We hope 2017 will be everything you are wishing for. Remember...keep up with us through my blog ( and on Facebook.

Yes, you read that right. We are Bahamas-bound! I will try to post pictures of our Bahamas trip soon after we return to the States...depending on whether I can get my pictures to connect with whatever device I can find to post to my blog...sometimes my iPhone doesn't play nicely with my Google blog. You know, being constantly at 6's and 7's (as the Brits say) with this downsizing move, not knowing where my "stuff" is at the moment, is extracting a toll on what I can get done when (you should see me trying to fix a decent meal with one pot, one serving spoon, etc....everything else is either in the Pod or went in the Sale!). I once said that the most difficult move we ever made was when we moved across Gwinnett County (from Duluth to Dacula, GA). Well, I may have to revise that opinion...sooner rather than later.

Let's hope that 2017 brings us all the good tidings we are expecting!  And know, I still hate to wait!

Meanwhile...I'll leave you with a fabulous picture of Winston...waiting in the Way the snow...a couple of years ago. Through the magic of Google, there seem to be snow flakes falling!

Merry Christmas to all!


If you arrived here looking for an update on our move, here's the CliffsNotes version: house still on the market...had multiple showings, at least 3 of which are repeat-viewers...but no offer as of 12/17/16. Weather has (finally) turned cold, so probably very few showings will happen between now and New Year...but as our Realtor keeps saying "you never know!" (which means we still have to keep the house ready for a showing at a moment's notice...not easy with two dogs!) We continue to divide our time between NC and GA. More in next post...


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