Is There a Physicist in the House?

  • Physics: The study of matter and energy and the interactions between them. Physicists study such subjects as gravity, light, and time. Albert Einstein, a famous physicist, developed the Theory of Relativity.
Now where is Albert when you need him?

Good grief.  It's the middle of January and I haven't written a single post for 2015 yet. Where has the time disappeared to, I ask you? I feel I need someone to help me deal with the swiftly passing minutes, hours, days, and now weeks of this rapidly receding month. Ah. Time, right? Passing time. Sigh. Oh well, since I am not a physicist...nor do I play one on TV... I suppose I could just report on the matter of how I have spent my energy so far. Close enough. Here goes:

[Pause. Has this ever happened to you? I'm creating this post on my iPad since I'm away from my PC and because the pictures I want to share are in the Camera Roll and Photo Stream albums, resident here...and the keyboard has vanished! Well for the most part, the letters have...the numbers are still there, as is the punctuation. Can you see what I mean in the screen capture below? NO LETTERS!!!  

A friend of mine posted something about this happening to her recently on Facebook, and I couldn't imagine what she meant. Well, now I know! And it has intrigued me enough to keep at it...despite all the mistakes I'm making. Right now, I'm relying on the predictive keyboard (you can see the suggested wording of "I, The, and I'm" above the blank screen where the QWERTY keyboard normally is) and autocorrect to get the text on the post. Weird. Folks, this is really weird. Of course, at this point, it's become a game to see just how long I can tolerate the weirdness...:-). 

Still, I have to admit this reminds me of Junior year of high school, when I learned to type in Mrs. Curry's typing class. Talk about bending the space/time continuum! I was assigned an ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER (hooray!), probably because I had whined enough about how hard it was for me to make capital letters...since I have these badly-curved little fingers which are all crooked and have no strength to push the Shift key down...whine, whine, whine. Does anyone even remember that you had to push the keys hard, especially on manual models?  Oh mercy, I'm dating myself, aren't I?!

Anyway, Mrs. C gave me an electric typewriter all right...only it had a BLANK keyboard: nothing on the keys! I thought l was being punished for whining, for sure. Only, it turned out to be a great gift. I couldn't look down to see the keys, you know. I had to learn them...memorize the location...and that played to my strengths. I do have a great memory!

Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah...I was going to tell you how I have been spending all my time in January, wasn't I?]

Home to HPNC to bring in the New Year and then take down the decorations. That's always a little sad for me, so I didn't mind that they stayed up past Epiphany while I battled a stomach bug. Well, I minded the battle a great deal...but I was happy for a few more days to enjoy the lights and wreaths.  

Mimosas to ring in 2015 (above)! Fun!

Followed a week later by saltines and hot tea...oh me. No fun.

While we were there, we got to see the last of the Fall garden...before bitter cold temps took their toll. The lovely winter-weight row cover on the raised bed with the lettuces protects to 28 degrees, allowing tasty treats like you see inside the hoops (below).

Then, just before we left, we had temps to the low teens...officially (although the vast openness of the Way Back combined with clear, cloudless nights and wind chills could mean single digits...unofficially). Lettuce, no more. Still, I'm happy to report that we continue to pull some of the fattest and tastiest carrots ever (photo below)...I'm just allowing them to winter-in-place. Oh, and the "other" greens are still producing; it appears the statement that "collards love a cold snap" is true!

We are back in Georgia, after we loaded up our 3 Droolers in one vehicle and made the (uneventful) trip last weekend. Mr. T then flew out of ATL for Fuso's annual meeting in New Jersey on Monday, and Missy M had an annual franchisees meeting to attend, too. I drew the short straw and got to be the Puppy Nanny for all five Droolers...but since my schedule involved being here this week anyway, it all worked out for the best. You know, having a home-away-from-home and not having to stay in a hotel makes it so much better...and puppies are a small price to pay. I'm loving this!

So, typing on the weird, blank keyboard is getting old fast...not to mention SLOW. Time to share some snaps...and call it a day. Hopefully when I power down, all will return to normal.* Hopefully. Hope. Fully. Ah well, time will tell!

So, here's Winston...cute as he can be. Check out that tongue...:-)

And Dixie and Ella Rae...sofa hog-dogs...

And, Duche$$...not on the big bed...for once...

And Abbie...taking a tan in the glorious sunshine on a 65 degree-day...

And I will leave you with a shot of the Pound Puppies in the back of Mr. T's ride (above)...which I'd driven to the grocery for the essentials: milk, bread, and Diet Pepsi...a truly difficult thing to find in this World of Coke. They leaped in when I opened the hatch to unload the bags...and then I couldn't get them out of the car! I finally got Abs with a t-r-e-a-t (yes, I do have to spell it), and I had to lift Win-man out after over an hour (I think he liked the peace and quiet...a space of his own, away from the Girlz). 

Time to rock and roll! Gotta love them!


* YES! Keyboard is back to normal, as you can see in this updated screen capture (below). Whew!


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