Sheltering in Place

What a day! We had sleet, then snow, then ice, then more snow last night...three inches of the stuff in the rain gauge. Then this morning brought freezing rain and wind. So you won't be surprised to read that we lost power about 10:00...and are still waiting for High Point Electric to restore it to the Oak Hollow area.  Truly thankful that we had fully charged our phones and iPads overnight, and that Mr. T has a Sprint Hot Spot to give us a WiFi connection and a Power Bank to recharge the Hot Spot. Ain't technology grand?

The ice that was coating the tree limbs was just beautiful...but wicked in more ways than one. First up...the damage that the weight of the ice does to the tree itself as you can see on these photos of the magnolia and a cedar from our front yard.

Next...the after-storm. If you've been to our house, you know we are surrounded by tall, tall trees...and the ice-laden limbs and branches began to start snapping and popping and dropping about noon. The noise it made sounded like rifles firing. A friend posted on Facebook that it sounded like a war zone in her neighborhood! It actually became quite dangerous to go out in the back: if it wasn't a branch, it was an icicle that could bean you! 

I did take some photos with my Canon camera before I realized the peril I was in, and headed back inside to safety. I'll have to wait for power before uploading those to my laptop. Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy these pix taken out front with my phone. 

You just don't realize how many ways your life is connected to pun intended. I have gone into our windowless closet three times today...and flipped the light switch three times. And my bike riding? On hold, since the bike has a computer dashboard for tracking time, distance, etc., which needs electricity of course. And don't get me started on how funny our "so whatcha want for supper" conversation went. (Most of the restaurants in the area are still without power, too; the one we did find open has a wait list of over an hour...and besides, we have been asked to stay off the roads and "shelter in place" for safety. So we decided on sandwiches since we can't cook or reheat anything, unless we fire up the grill...but it's COLD outside!)

Still, don't worry about us. Mr. T got up early, when the first flicker of electricity warned us we might be in for it, and he flipped the wall switch that turned on the gas fireplace, so we have heat. He is heading out to his car to recharge the mobile phones now. We still have two old-fashioned landline models that don't require electricity to work, so we do have access to the outside world. We'll be fine until the power co. cavalry arrives. We have all the bread and milk we need!

And the forecast? Weather wonks are calling for a fabulous weekend: sunny and sixties! Frankly my dears, I'm ready for it!


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