Maybe This Will Help

Most of you are aware that Mr. T works for a company called Mitsubishi Fuso, as he has for nearly 16 years. Almost all of you realize that he travels about 80% of the time. Some of you might even remember that he is a District Sales Manager, working with Fuso dealerships on the Eastern seaboard from the upper reaches of Maryland to Charleston, SC, and inland to Greenville, SC, up to Roanoke, VA. But I'm guessing few of you could identify the actual product that his company manufactures and sells (through those dealerships).

Well, operating on the theory that "a picture is worth a thousand words," I give you a picture:
New Fuso purchased by Black Dog Salvage:
"Salvage Dawgs"
So, what are you looking at? I was messaged this pic yesterday and wanted to share it with you. That's Mr. T in the red (Fuso!) jacket on the left. And he's standing with one of the principals of Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, VA, taking delivery of their new truck. The Fuso is in the middle.

Does the name Black Dog Salvage ring a bell? If it does, then you are probably DIYers like we are. If not, you will want to check out their program, Salvage Dawgs, which is currently in their second season on the DIY Network on Thursday nights. They have recently begun filming for their third season, so you can tell it's gathering a loyal viewer base. [Follow that second link to read the heart-warming story about the Salvage Dawgs.]

And, guess what truck will be used in that third season? Woo hoo...the Fuso!

Hopefully, that helps you understand what Mr. T does for a living...other than travel a lot.

Now, since he IS traveling, I think I'll fix a nice pot of cooked cabbage...which I love, but he hates with a passion. Says the only way he can tolerate the smell is if he is in another state. Ah well, his loss...



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